Professor Tries Cooking Nearly 4000-Year-Old Babylonian Recipes And Shares How They Tasted

julio 06, 2020

While most people are baking banana bread, hamdogs, and other monstrosities, professor Bill Sutherland of the University of Cambridge decided to try something different. The man tried cooking 3770-year-old meals inscribed in an ancient Mesopotamian tablet and shared the results on Twitter where they went viral almost instantly. So if you ever wondered what ancient Mesopotamians ate on a typical Friday night, look no further.

Professor Bill Sutherland recently cooked some ancient Mesopotamian recipes and shared the results on Twitter

Bill cooked 4 dishes and a single loaf of bread

In a recent interview with Bored Panda, Bill said that he heard about the recipes from Dr. Moudhy Al-Rashid, an expert on Mesopotamian culture. He then decided to try out some recipes described in Al-Rashid’s book and said it took him about an hour to plan and another two to cook.

Stew of lamb – simple, yet delicious

The professor described the instructions as “astonishingly terse” and “perplexing”, and said that he had to make guesses and improvise at times.

The Tuh’u was stunning and full of flavor

When it came to actual cooking, Bill said that the recipes were surprisingly easy to cook and added that you most likely wouldn’t consider them odd if someone served it to you. The professor’s favorite meal was the lamb stew that his daughter Tessa made. “I sprinkled a couple of cakes in and they made a lovely thick stew,” said Bill.

The Unwinding did not leave the professor impressed

The professor used tomato sauce instead of sheep’s blood when cooking the Elamite broth

If you’re interested, there’s a whole book dedicated to the Babylonian kitchen

People found the recipes pretty interesting

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