People Applaud This Mom Who Baked A Rainbow Challah To Celebrate Pride Month

julio 01, 2020

Pennsylvanian woman Ali Mendelson is no newcomer when it comes to baking challahs, a special type of braided Jewish bread. She has been baking them for years and as Pride Month came, Ali decided to bake something special for the occasion. The woman baked a one-of-a-kind rainbow challah that looks even more impressive when cut open than it does on the outside. And after her daughter, going as mystic-chord online, shared photos of the challah on Tumblr, Ali’s culinary masterpiece went viral almost instantly – check it out below!

 Ali Mendelson recently baked a unique rainbow challah and the photos quickly went viral on Tumblr

In an interview with Bored Panda, mystic-chord said her mother taught how to make challah herself and has been making in every week for the past 15 years. “She took a recipe from a cookbook and adapted it over the years to make it her own,” explained the daughter. “She also used to make soap, which influenced the visual aspect of the pride challah. In terms of the actual skills for the colors, she winged it!” Mystic-chord also added that it was sweet and delicious and made a killer French toast.

It did not take long before photos of the rainbow challah went viral on Tumblr, and so far they’ve collected over 72k notes on the website.

After the initial post went viral, Ali baked more rainbow challahs and showed the instructions

“My mom loves that she inspired people to make challah,” said Ali’s daughter. “Even more than that, she loves that so many queer Jewish people felt loved and accepted because of her challah.”

People loved the rainbow challah

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