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julio 09, 2020

Seeing your daughter getting married can make even the manliest of men cry tears of joy. Ask any father – there’s just something about walking your daughter down the aisle that makes tears stream down your face whether you like it or not. And even though many try to hide it, you can never escape the keen eye of a wedding photographer.

UK-based photographer Ash Davenport recently selected a handful of his favorite father-daughter moments captured by wedding photographers, and the sincere photos will bring a tear to your eye. From seeing their daughters in wedding gowns for the first time to barely holding back tears whilst walking them down the aisle, check out all of the emotional photos in the gallery below!

#1 The Biggest O….!

Image source: Dan Morris

#2 The Arm Of Love

Image source: Samuel Docker

#3 Oooooooh

Image source: The Crawleys

#4 The Touch Of Love

Image source: Chris Denner

#5 A Teary Hanky

Image source: Andy Gaines

#6 The Hug Of A Lifetime

Image source: Steven Rooney

#7 Letting It Go!

Image source: The Crawleys

#8 The Final Kiss

Image source: David Scholes

#9 I Am Never Going To Hold This In!

Image source: Geoff Kirby

#10 Even The Coolest Dads Can Not Hold It In

Image source: HBA photography

#11 I Will Always Be There For You

Image source: Soven Amatya

#12 The Final Kiss As A Miss

Image source: Rik Pennington

#13 Hold Me Tight!

Image source: thelifewedream

#14 “I Cannot See”

Image source: Andy Gaines

#15 The Crying Mirror

Image source: MIKI studios

#16 “I Cannot Watch!”

Image source: MIKI studios

#17 Omg!

Image source: Dan Morris

#18 Not Being Able To Hold It Anymore

Image source: Ben Minnaar

#19 Hold On Dad, You Can Do It!

Image source: Samuel Docker

#20 Lets Do This!

Image source: Angy Gaines

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