20 Funny Comics That Prove Couples Don’t Have To Be ‘Cute’ To Be Happy https://ift.tt/2E9WSzr

julio 22, 2020

OKBlue Comics is a series of webtoons started back in December 2019 that depicts the life of a couple the artist calls “the Blues”. Initially, the comics started out as just simple funny snippets that the author came up with but the series has lately shifted towards exploring relationship dynamics. “My wife and I have a great relationship full of laughs and joy, so I figured it’d be a good thought to show the world that not all couples have to be “cute” to be real, genuine, and happy,” says the artist.

The author says that his wife and he have been together for over a decade and they’re still madly in love with each other – and joke a lot. “There are a lot of comics depicting romantic, cute relationships, but ours isn’t like that, and I felt it was worth sharing with people,” says the artist. “I decided to share a few comics recently about relationships and they seemed to be received well.”

Check out a small collection of hilarious OKBlue Comics in the gallery below!

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