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julio 30, 2020

By now, most of us are used to wearing face masks every time we go out and for some people, they even became a fun fashion accessory that they can match to their tie or purse. However, one type of masks has really grown in popularity during the last few months – masks that look like human faces. Although people quickly realized that ordering these types of masks can be a real hit or miss.

New Yorker Cameron Mattis recently ordered one of these masks online and noticed that something was a little off about it – the face printed on the mask was about 20% too large. He posted a hilarious picture of himself wearing the mask to Twitter and soon enough people started replying with their own custom face mask fails. Cameron’s post received over 635k likes in just a few days and for good reason – it’s absolutely hilarious.

See people’s custom face mask fails in the gallery below and don’t forget to check out designer Danielle Baskin’s realistic face masks here!


Image source: cameronmattis


Image source: jrw3780


Image source: terri_merjano

“Personalized face masks, great idea!!! Not”


Image source: haleycvillines


Image source: cbrixen

“I was trying to make a mask that looked like my face but this first one didn’t quite work”


Image source: njhshuddy


Image source: seanita89


Image source: ashbhoopathy


Image source: operatix_sales_acceleration

“Well…that went slightly wrong”


Image source: Tim_Oldland


Image source: EComment


Image source: stocklett

“Decided to try and get one of those custom face-masks… it didn’t turn out so good…”


Image source: JackHally


Image source: koolma


Image source: jasperM54

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