People Are Publicly Shaming Instagrammers For Faking Their Photos (35 New Pics)

junio 15, 2020

At first glance, many of the people we see on Instagram seem to be living their best lives – they’re fit, they’re traveling around the world, and, most importantly, they don’t have a single pimple on their faces. Well, I hate to burst your bubble but the majority of what you see online is fake – and sometimes it’s so blatantly photoshopped, it’s hilarious.

Even though people are continuously exposing fake instagrammers on Twitter and Reddit, it doesn’t seem like they’re really learning their lessons and are continuously providing us with hilarious content to laugh at. From personal clouds to teeth so white they will make you squint, check out the most ridiculously overphotoshopped photos people spotted on Instagram in the gallery below! And if you want more, see our previous posts here, here, here and here.

#1 I’m So Glad This Greek TV Host Has Her Own Personal Cloud That Follows Her Everywhere She Goes

Image source: mathaiaus

#2 Damn He’s Ripped

Image source: Unknown_Gamer944

#3 Maybe Just One More Filter…

Image source: Unity__Newbie

#4 The Baddest Indeed

Image source: ZapatosDeMarca

#5 I Don’t Even Know

Image source: CyberSpaceFetus

#6 Such A Pretty Sunset :)

Image source: moclen

#7 Found One In The Wild. I Bet She’s Never Late With Those Legs

Image source: Naniibananii

#8 Half Person Half Cartoon?!

Image source: gritch_123

#9 I Have No Idea What This Is…

Image source: mimiczx

#10 The Face Of A Ps3 Character

Image source: killerjags

#11 Well That’s Something New

Image source: FaceInTheSpace

#12 This Is… A Lot To Take In

Image source: unknown

#13 She Looks Better Without It Though….

Image source: elic11

#14 That Caption Though …

Image source: sarahdillpickle

#15 Turns Out Those Organs Did Exist After All

Image source: shiroyagisan

#16 Where’s The Nose?

Image source: matty111222

#17 The Queen Of Makeup

Image source: ConfidentNobody6

#18 She Could’ve Just Said The Truth..

Image source: dramainsanity

#19 Post vs. Profile Picture.

Image source: Elphaba78

#20 Something Out Of An Indie Horror Game

Image source: madohara

#21 This Girl Has A Disney-Themed Account, For Her ‘Travels’… Most Of The Pics Are Like This

Image source: SofyB

#22 This Fake Influencer Likes To Pretend She’s Rich, Constantly Posting Pictures Like That With Captions Like „short Trip To Clear My Mind“.

Image source: Elisa-Allin-666

#23 Linkedin Now Too

Image source: RampersandY

#24 Why Do Women Want To Look Like This??

Image source: unknown-persons

#25 Who Needs Organs Anyway?

Image source: JoSQ9725

#26 Profile Pic On Twitter vs. Still From Interview

Image source: medianfold

#27 This Can’t Be Just “Angles”

Image source: oireachtas

#28 A$$ So Phat Even The Car Had To Make Space

Image source: DomingoJoe

#29 I Think We’ve All Wondered What She Really Looks Like

Image source: Ebby1369

#30 Literally A Different Person Every Single Photo

Image source: laisdavid

#31 Such A Beautiful Home

Image source: unknown

#32 This “Makeup Artist” Advertising Her Work…

Image source: genericpurr3

#33 I’m Sorry But His Edited Nose On The Left Literally Looks Like It’s Going To Collapse

Image source: ulabadula

#34 Armpit? I Don’t Know Her

Image source: eileen_likeacholo

#35 I Posted The Left One Yesterday And People Were Not Believing That The Hair Don’t Belongs To Her

Image source: halbmondkatze

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