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junio 11, 2020

Weddings are special events – and like any special event, they require lots and lots of photos. That’s where wedding photographers come into play. And if you thought they only take pictures of the newlyweds walking down aisle and exchanging rings, you couldn’t be more wrong. The truth is that wedding photographers capture even the smallest things that happen during the whole event, and often end up capturing some pretty entertaining photos. And wedding photography website “This Is Reportage” wanted to see just that.

“This Is Reportage” prides itself in showcasing the very best wedding photography that has one thing in common—”nothing staged, no poses, just pure, natural images”. Just recently, the website chose 22 winning photos from 135 award winners – and it’s not hard to see why they were chosen.

Check out the best wedding photos from this year’s “This Is Reportage” wedding photography competition below!

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Image source: davidscholesphotography


Image source: philsalisbury


Image source: guilhermepimenta


Image source: filleroelants


Image source: mikistudios


Image source: lumoid


Image source: koncsoltunde


Image source: catherinehudsonphotography


Image source: goingbananasphotography


Image source: 2photodreams


Image source: alparlukacsi


Image source: reportography


Image source: danwoottonphotography


Image source: mikistudios


Image source: pbartworks


Image source: jennyrutterford


Image source: rhysbeddoephotography


Image source: lindavos


Image source: beetwosweet


Image source: partofthevision.com


Image source: arj-photo.co.uk


Image source: markcapilitan

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