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abril 07, 2020

If you’re anything like me, the only interesting old things you’ve ever found were you grandpa’s old camera and maybe a rock with a cool fossil imprint. Others, however, are a little more lucky.

People are sharing the weirdest and most interesting old things they found and it isn’t your regular basement junk. Intricately-shaped keyholes, vintage drug paraphernalia, ancient Buddha carvings and many more – check out the coolest old things people found in the gallery below!

#1 My Grandfather Had A Miniature Set Of All Of Shakespeare’s Plays. It’s 111 Years Old

Image source: FX114

#2 My Friend Just Found This Little Statue While Digging In His Own Garden

Image source: lodeluxMeaLux

The archeologists from the museum told him that it is probably from a grave dating back to 3-4000 years ago. It has been found in Castell’ Arquato, PC, Italy. He proceeded to give it to the Museum Of Parma.

#3 A Nice Couple Found My Great Grandpa’s Purple Heart In A Forclosed Home In A Box Labled “Trash” And Returned It To My Family

Image source: Phabricated_Phocks

#4 I Found This Taped Up In The Toy Aisle Of Goodwill. Couldn’t Tell What It Did But Thought I Could Detail It. Took A $3 Gamble And Then This Happened

Image source: Cursed_0ne

#5 The Filament Of This Antique Light Bulb Is Shaped Like Flowers

Image source: Proteon

#6 My Barbershop Still Uses Their Original Cash Register From 1904

Image source: baggedlunch

#7 My Late Grandma Still Had Her TV Operating Guide From 1962

Image source: Rogation

#8 After A Construction Company Caused A Local Reservoir Level To Sink 10 Feet, A 600-Year-Old Buddha Carving Was Found

Image source: 49and8

#9 These Intricate Old Keyholes

Image source: Clevercapybara

#10 My Great Great Aunt’s 100-Year-Old Nursing Kit Has A Vile Full Of Cocaine Tablets And A Syringe

Image source: Crepes_for_days3000

#11 Found In The Pocket Of My Grandpa’s WW2 Bomber Jacket

Image source: itskateinabox

#12 Roman Coin I Found In France While Metal Detecting. Emperor Constantine I. Minted In Trier (Treveri), Germany. Bronze. 306-337 A.D.

Image source: reddit.com

#13 I Found These 60-Year-Old Condoms In My Basement

Image source: dawoooo

#14 Found An Old Monopoly Set In The Walls Of My 1925 House

Image source: murphman84

#15 36 Vettes From An 80s Promtional. One From Each Production Year From 1953 To 1989 Found Sitting In A Nearly Abandoned New York City Storage Lot For About 25 Years

Image source: eaglemaxie

#16 This Page From An Illustrated Captain’s Log From 1777

Image source: albrock

#17 My Friend Was Splitting Logs And Found An Arrowhead

Image source: blunt_hound

#18 Lovely Antique Aquarium

Image source: Proteon

#19 This Antique Door From 1380 In Regensburg, Germany, Helps Finding The Keyhole After You Drank Too Much Wine

Image source: alphapaul98

#20 Grandpa Still Uses A Decades Old Computer That Still Runs DOS, Typing And Printing And Storing Things On Floppies

Image source: potatohead657

#21 This Antique American Pledge Of Allegiance Does Not Reference God

Image source: GlengarryGlenCoco

#22 This Old Sundial Has Muli-Oriented Panels That Show Time Of Countries All Around The World

Image source: Aman-Kino

#23 My Grandma Has Original Moon Landing Printing Plates From The Time Magazine Cover

Image source: Wbrimley3

#24 Have You Ever Wondered How Music Was Typed Before Computers? This Rare Vintage Typewriter From The 1950s Lets You Type Sheet Music

Image source: mwichary

#25 2000-Year-Old Green Serpentine Stone Mask Found At The Base Of The Pyramid Of The Sun, Teotihuacán, Mexico

Image source: innuendoPL

#26 This Railway Ticket We Found In Our Barn. The Stamp On The Back Says Aug 18, 1890

Image source: everymomentwonderful

#27 I Found This Cleaning Out Grandma’s House

Image source: Abyss-Base-Jumper

#28 An Old Cup That Keeps Your Moustache Dry

Image source: strychnine213

#29 New Orleans Still Has Horse Hitches In Various Parts Of The City

Image source: barrydingle504

#30 Mom Found My Old McDonald’s Food Toys That Turned Into Robots

Image source: Thehurricane22

#31 I Found An Old Lunar Globe Where The Far Side Of The Moon Is Still Uncharted

Image source: Andromeda321

#32 I Found This Old Lightbulb In My Grandparents’ House Finished In 1902 And It Still Works

Image source: gap343

#33 Found This Old Calculator In My Great Grandmother’s Attic

Image source: eggnoodlericecakes

#34 Found Three 1969 Newspapers About The Moon Landing In An Old Chest In The Attic

Image source: Sloppypiggyjoe

#35 Old European Houses Have A Shoe Scraper By The Door So That You Could Clean The Mud Off Your Soles Before Entering

Image source: Berenicids

#36 Vintage Freddie Mercury Queen Plate, 1980s

Image source: eaglemaxie

#37 Found This Coin In My Grandma’s Collection Of Old Stuff. Turns Out, It’s From The Year 1797

Image source: Ihaha07

#38 Vintage Forbidden Candy Identification Chart

Image source: LinkDude80

#39 Old School Nintendo Cards From My Grandma

Image source: yalexn

#40 Jackpot Find At An Antique Market In Greenwich Village NYC. Poison Ring

Image source: imcarissa

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