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abril 16, 2020

There comes a time during lockdown when you realize that you can only live on cereal and frozen pizzas for so long. You start looking up recipes online before quickly realizing that there’s no way you’ll ever manage to successfully cook a meatloaf, casserole or anything else that requires a little more effort than putting it in a microwave and setting a timer. So what do you then? You improvise, of course.

People are sharing the weirdest quarantine meals they’ve managed to come up with and they range from “absolutely revolting” to “actually delicious”. From lasagna sandwiches to egg fried eggs, check out the weirdest things people cooked during the quarantine in the gallery below!

#1 I’ve Been Spending A Little Extra Time On Dinner Lately

Image source: SoulcrateSucka

#2 When The Grocery Store Is Out Of Buns, You Improvise, You Adapt, You Survive

Image source: shadyypineapple

#3 Ran Out Of Milk

Image source: somucht

#4 No Buns? Crunchwrap Supreme Burger

Image source: b3nchvis3

#5 Fish Finger And De-Sauced Beans On A Bed Of H.P. Reduction

Image source: 21020

#6 Quarantine, Day 21: Air Fried Potato Chair

Image source: idkwtftdwml

#7 Quarantine Charcuterie Made With Fridge And Cupboard Scraps

Image source: SaraXAnnee

#8 The Supermarket Ran Out Of Normal Bagels So I’m Stuck With Green Leprechaun Bagels

Image source: zigzagmad4

#9 I Ran Out Of Breadcrumbs So I Had To Make Do

Image source: AllMightyLlama

#10 Had No Bread So Pulled Pork On Eggos

Image source: Puzzled-Juggernaut

#11 This Is How We Celebrated The Last Fresh Pear And 1/4 Red Pepper In Our Quarantine Food Supply

Image source: allbright1111

#12 Lasagna Sandwich

Image source: _Pigdog

#13 Tweaked Bunny

Image source: AweshumSauce

#14 Fine Dining During The Quarantine

Image source: SurpriseThere1

#15 I Was Making Thai Basil Chicken Then I Turned Around For A Minute And My Brother Put Blue Food Dye In It. He’s 19

Image source: liamoco123

#16 Dinosaur Chicken Nugget Parmesean Courtesy Of My Genius Girlfriend

Image source: dangatanggg

#17 I Wanted An Iced Latte But Didn’t Have Ice So I Used Frozen Peas

Image source: laurenslooz

#18 Mac And Cheese Chili Dogs

Image source: ceebeezie

#19 When All Takeaway Stores Are Closed But You Still Got Mad Cravings

Image source: freakyfilipina69

#20 Hashbrown, Guac, Chicken Finger

Image source: plantdaddy6666

#21 Quarantine Day 5 – My Wife Wrapped A Brownie In Pie Crust

Image source: dwilx

#22 My Wife Said She Found A Recipe For Making Corn Dogs In The Air Fryer. Sounded Great. These Little Boner Muffins Are Not What I Was Expecting

Image source: ollieoliverx000

#23 Bon App

Image source: food_monster

#24 Hard Boiled Egg On A Bed Of Scrambled Egg With A Sunny Side Of Egg

Image source: PolymerPussies

#25 Archer Farms Buffalo Wings With Cocktail Glass Of Ranch Dressing. Pure C L A S S

Image source: AlliKnowIsMayo

#26 Coronavirus Diet: Just 2 Kilograms Of Cookie Dough That I Attack With A Spoon Every Now And Then

Image source: TheHighway

#27 Blue Pasta For The Kiddos That Are Bored With The Regular Pasta. It Was A Hit

Image source: cofxtc

#28 Egg Wrapped Egg

Image source: AbanaClara

#29 I Present To You, Quarantine Cooking At It’s Finest: Ultimate Cheese Pizza (Cheese Pizza With Mac N Cheese And Grilled Cheese)

Image source: giraff-able

#30 Quarantine Binge Watching The Simpson LED Me To This Monstrosity. The Homer Simpson Burger

Image source: FrostyFreezy

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