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abril 27, 2020

Here’s a fact for you – your hair doesn’t stop growing during the quarantine. And now that you’ve been stuck home for over a month, you’re probably starting to look more and more like a caveman with each passing day. But before you rush to grab the scissors and trimmer, we recommend you check out the collection of the worst quarantine haircuts that we prepared for you today.

People who tried cutting their own hair during the quarantine are sharing their hilariously terrible results and the photos might convince you to wait until the lockdown is over. Check out the terrible quarantine haircuts in the gallery below and if you want more, see our previous post here!

#1 Clippers Just Died

Image source: ben_rosen

#2 What Should My Street Fighter Villain Name Be?

Image source: eyezenstat

#3 I Let My 5-Year-Old Give Me A Haircut

Image source: medicalsocialw1

#4 Mother’s Attempt At A Fade

Image source: bmockbee

#5 Quarantine Cut

Image source: quarantinecuts_

#6 Little Uneven But I Ain’t Straight Anyways

Image source: CrazyTr0ll_

#7 My Brother Wanted His Haircut During Quarantine, I’d Say He’s Looking Too Fresh

Image source: jackdunny_twenty2

#8 Well Done Wife, Another String To Your Bow

Image source: pimack

“I’m reluctant to call what my wife did to me a haircut. But here it is. Well done wife, another string to your bow.”

#9 Lesson Learned

Image source: purpledeersky

#10 Quarantine Fade

Image source: badgirIkiki

#11 Homemade Haircut. Extra Crispy.

Image source: hashtagharkins

#12 Nailed It!

Image source: uk8rings

#13 You Aren’t Allowed To Moan About Hairdressers Ever Again

Image source: robkey612

#14 Bad Peaky Blinder

Image source: shackleton_east

#15 So Far, So Bad

Image source: JenBrister

#16 Corona Can’t Get Me Down!

Image source: kristophlloyd

#17 Coronacut Turned Out Nicely

Image source: altbrot

#18 I’m Sorry. I’ve Tried

Image source: ImGeraldMan

#19 You Can’t Do Worse Than Us!

Image source: betty_trevi

#20 Lockdown Fade

Image source: djmauricioparra

#21 Can’t Trust Everyone With A Trimmer

Image source: AILJabri1

#22 Hat Hair

Image source: thatntac

#23 Housemate’s Coronacut

Image source: WestEndFi

#24 I’m Sorry Honey

Image source: lauralaser

#25 Oops!

Image source: lisa.m.zeigler

#26 I’ll Fix It Later

Image source: KrishGrey

#27 First Attempt At A Corona-Cut Literally Ended Up Like This Once I’d Dried It. Think I Might Have Missed Some Bits!

Image source: HollyAPetersen

#28 I Miss My Barber

Image source: richrubii

#29 Don’t Try This At Home

Image source: SFeitell

#30 Lesson Learnt… Never Let Your Mrs Cut Your Hair Again ??? This Is The Last Time I Go To The Quarantine Cuts Barbers

Image source: gingertraining

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