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abril 16, 2020

Chow Hon Lam is a comic artist who recently started an adorable comic series called “Chubby Animals Talk” where he illustrates the daily life stories of adorable animals. The artist says that the look and attitude of the characters was inspired by their own current quarantine life. “During the quarantine, we have a lot more time at home now than ever before. We are moving less and sit more, eat more (Keep finding food to eat at home), and sleep more,” says Chow. “I believe after the quarantine, most of us will become a chubby like the animals in this comic.”

The artist hopes that this comic will provide some entertainment for people during this period and promises to create more in the near future. “Stay tuned, stay at home and be safe!” says Chow. Check out the adorable chubby animal comics in the gallery below!

More info: Instagram | Facebook | flyingmouse365.tumblr.com

#1 Another Race


#2 First Date

#3 Changing Bulb

#4 Best Babysitter

#5 Help

#6 Washing Hands

#7 Treasure

#8 Whose Egg

#9 Champion

#10 New Outfit

#11 Shower

#12 Stay At Home

#13 The Gentleman

#14 Nightmare

#15 Comfy Bed

#16 Tree Swing

#17 Magic Lamp

#18 Wash Your Hands Often

#19 Let’s Play Basketball

#20 Magic

#21 Blindfold Game

#22 Fishing

#23 Quarantine

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