People Are Calling Queen Elizabeth Immortal And Creating Hilarious Memes (40 Pics)

marzo 31, 2020

Did you know that at 93 years old, Queen Elizabeth II is the longest-ruling monarch in British history? In fact, she has been ruling the country for so long, some people even began speculating she might be immortal. And, believe it or not, these speculations quickly picked up and even inspired some people to start creating hilarious memes.

People from all over the world are creating memes inspired by the Queen’s supposed immortality and you don’t need to be from the UK to have a laugh. Check out some of the best ones in the gallery below!

#1 Colonizing Of Paradise

Image source:

#2 It Do Be Like That

Image source: lynn_sir

#3 This Meme Will Never End

Image source: Naivet

#4 Old Queen Lady Immortal Haha

Image source: busoshoku_brisingr

#5 Long Live

Image source: JaceAltair

#6 She Will Outlive All Of Us

Image source: FluuBk

#7 She’s One Tough Cookie

Image source: Rapping_Tomatoe

#8 Evil Royal Laughter

Image source: Empirerules

#9 The New Rickroll

Image source: sirkarlcumsalot

#10 Immortal Being

Image source: Uh_bruj

#11 With Great Interest

Image source: WonderfullWaffle2023

#12 Is It Possible To Learn This Power?

Image source: FossilizedIntuition

#13 Oh No. Here We Go Again

Image source: ChrisGarvi

#14 Immortalitea

Image source: jacobKleinfelter

#15 She Needs That Record 4 Years 58 Days To Go

Image source: AfloatTuba7

#16 Long Live The Queen

Image source: ChompyMage

#17 She Saw It All Happen

Image source: owen_stha

#18 Immortal

Image source: pstros789

#19 You Can’t Kill Me

Image source: mijuzz7

#20 She Is Immortal

Image source: asian_boi_3000

#21 She Is So Op, It’s Disgusting

Image source: mistermuesli

#22 The Sun Will Never Set

Image source: 100DicksInYourBum

#23 Immortal Being

Image source: One_Sneaky_Snek

#24 *confused British Noises

Image source: worstusername_ever69

#25 Immortality

Image source: Marcusmemers

#26 Birthday Confirmed , 95 Ac

Image source: Disco4uf

#27 She Is Immortal

Image source: Blip_Blop_Blip

#28 She Is Immortal

Image source: MaxRightHere

#29 She Never Yields

Image source: peabut_nutters

#30 This Is Her Third Time Going Out For A Walk

Image source: CavesDweller

#31 She Is Immortal, Unkillable, Unmatched

Image source: Asil001

#32 So Relatable

Image source: bigger__boot

#33 It’s Time For You To Go

Image source: NamePleasee

#34 The Legend Never Dies

Image source: BentanX

#35 I Think She Puts Immortality Juice In Her Tea

Image source: Vwgames49

#36 Weak Piece Of Shit

Image source: DeapoolsConscience

#37 The Queen Can Fly

Image source: PowerfulOperation8

#38 Legends Never Die

Image source: CapnChiknNugget

#39 She Looks Good In That Immortal Look

Image source: Paranxipress

#40 She’s Not Gonna Leave Anytime Soon Guys

Image source: D0ntae

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