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marzo 03, 2020

Some things need to be put into perspective for us to understand them better. Just take tigers for example – sure, they look big in photos, but did you know their paw is almost twice the size of a human’s? And how about plastic pollution – we know it’s bad, but just how bad is it? Well, believe it or not, there are riverfronts out there where the layer of waste is so thick, you can’t even see the sand! And it’s only when you begin to remove it all that you begin to realize the gravity of the situation. But we won’t spoil it all for you here – check out some incredible comparison photos in the gallery below! And if you want more, see our previous posts here and here!

#1 Same Tree, Different Seasons

Image source: Jozef Morgoš

Photographer Jozef Morgoš took photos of the same cherry tree in Žabokreky, Slovakia throughout the four different seasons of the year.

#2 4 Weeks vs. Full Grown, With His Favorite Toy

Image source: hergiantlove

These two adorable friends are Elliott, the Great Dane, and Elliot the Dragon, the plush toy the dog was named after. Even though almost two years passed since the first photo, the two still remain inseparable.

#3 What A Difference One Day Can Make. Meet Spokey

Image source: goldie0702

#4 The Youth Have Been Cleaning The Mithi River (Mumbai, India) For Over A Year Now. Then vs. Now

Image source: polymurphy

In a project spearheaded by lawyer Afroz Shah, volunteers helped clean the Versova beach in Mumbai, allowing turtles to lay eggs there for the first time in 20 years. Since November 2018, the man has been focusing on cleaning the 17.8 km-long (11 miles) Mithi river and as you can see, the Afroz and his team are making great progress.

#5 Summer Floof vs. Winter Floof

Image source: Leia&Myrcella

Meet Myrcella, a 4-year-old Ragdoll cat from Budapest, that seems to almost double in size during winter!

#6 Me And My Grandpa In Medical School 70 Years Apart (Equally Sleep-Deprived)

Image source: Neuromancy_

#7 My Son At One Month Old And His 97-Year-Old Korean Great Grandmother

Image source: Thermochopps

#8 The Largest Animal To Ever Exist, The Blue Whale Compared To A Diver

Image source: camdoodlebop

#9 This Is How Much Food You Can Get For The Cost Of A Pack Of Cigarettes In Australia


Image source: judy.kerrison

The average price of a cigarette pack in Australia is a whopping $35 and is expected to reach $40 in 2020. The Australian Bureau of Statistics says the number of adults in Australia who smoke daily plunged from 23.8% in 1995 to 13.8% in 2017-18, so perhaps this huge price hike is actually working.

#10 A Grandmother And Her Granddaughter. 61-Years-Old vs. 12-Years-Old

Image source: geneticportraits

#11 Did You Guys Know How Big Cactus Can Get? That’s Me At The Bottom

Image source: Tll6

The Saguaro, one of the longest living cactus species, can reach heights of up to 60 feet and weigh up to 4800 pounds when fully hydrated.

#12 William Utermohlen Was Diagnosed With Alzheimer’s Disease. He Drew Self-Portraits Until He Could Barely Recognize His Own Face

Image source: boredpanda.com

#13 Tiny Baby Hummingbird Compared To A Size Of A Raspberry

Image source: Heart-Bubbles

#14 Two Tanks Were Set Up With Water From A Virginia Stream For 24 Hours. The One On The Right Had Mussels In It, The One On The Left Didn’t

Image source: gangbangkang

#15 Earth Healing Itself

Image source: russellcrowe

#16 Without And With A Flash Photo Comparison Of An Anti-Paparazzi Scarf

Image source: whatstheishu

This ISHU scarf, worn by celebrities like Cameron Diaz and Paris Hilton, is apparently infused with thousands of light-reflecting nano-spherical crystals that reflect camera flash back into the camera, making the photos essentially useless.

#17 Vials Of Heroin, Fentanyl, And Carfentanil Side By Side, Each Containing A Lethal Dose Of The Drug

Image source: psutherland458

#18 My Daughter’s Boyfriend And My Peruvian Guinea Pig Share A Similar Hairdo

Image source: absophoto

#19 Humans Compared To Majestic Sequoias In The Winter

Image source: commonvanilla

#20 First Day Of School vs. Second Day Of School

Image source: RememberWho

#21 Shirts Before And After Losing 400 Lbs

Image source: braaaa1ns

#22 Lion’s Head Compared To Man’s Head. Absolute Unit

Image source: lionwhisperersa

#23 The Size Of A Tiger Paw Compared To A Man’s Hand

Image source: cHoGbOrTSwIzArDhOmE

#24 1 Exposure vs. 120 Exposures Stacked Together

Image source: vpsj

“I had never actually seen the Milky Way with my own eyes, living in central India all my life in a very light-polluted city of over 2 million people. So one night I took my camera out to the roof, clicked 120+ shots, and this was the result,” says Reddit user vpsj pictured in the photo.

#25 Tried On My Old Clothes After Losing 220 Lbs (2018 vs. 2019 Comparison)

Image source: omarthaherfit

#26 A Whale Skull With A Human For Scale

Image source: reddit.com

#27 Starfish With 6, 5 And 4 Arms

Image source: _octopus72

#28 The Different Colors Of The Honey I Harvested This Year: Spring, Summer And Fall

Image source: Zig-Zag

#29 Mountain St Helens Before And After Its 1980 Eruption

Image source: baryonyx257

Triggered by an earthquake, Mount St. Helens, located in Washington State, erupted on May 18, 1980, taking the lives of 57 people and causing over a billion US dollars worth of damage.

#30 The Canberra Transport Photo Was Taken To Illustrate The Road Space Required To Move 69 People Using Public Transport, Bicyles And Private Motor Vehicles

Image source: We Ride Australia

#31 Quetzalcoatlus Northropi Model Next To A 1.8m Man. The Largest Known Flying Animal Ever Exist

Image source: EllisTomago

#32 15 Minute Difference In Seattle Weather

Image source: Ballsfggt

#33 Left: A Painting From 1892, Right: The Same Spot In 2020

Image source: phelyan

The painting on the left was painted by Finnish artist Albert Edelfelt and depicts the city of Porvoo in southern Finland.

#34 I Got A New Purse Today. Top Is Without Flash, Bottom Is With Flash

Image source: ahrahtnamas

#35 Home Telescope vs. The Hubble Space Telescope. This Is The Pillars Of Creation

Image source: chucksastro

The picture on the right, titled the Pillars of Creation, was taken by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope back in 1995. Reddit user chucksastro took the picture on the left using a home telescope by exposing the image for a whopping 13.8 hours! He even detailed his process, you can read more about it here.

#36 My Painting Looks Way Different Sitting In Front Of A Window

Image source: odoms365

#37 The Watermark Face On This Counterfeit Us $50 Bill

Image source: kisstroyer

#38 Australia On Fire. Pictures Taken From Charles Hamey Lookout Dunbogan / Camden Head Near Port Macquarie 1 Week Apart

Image source: bennywaters

#39 Comparison Of The Tip Of A Hypodermic Needle, A Viper’s Fang, A Spider’s Fang And The Stinger Of A Scorpion

Image source: pontmaster

#40 The Difference Between Modern Corn And Corn Before It Was Domesticated

Image source: Thiccbegs

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