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marzo 23, 2020

Ah, the joys of working from home: a hot cup of chocolate, your favorite blanket and your dog by your side. Or is it really like that? In a dream, maybe. Turns out that the reality of working from home isn’t as perfect as it may seem in photos you see on Pinterest or Instagram.

After Twitter user Jules Forrest shared a photo of what working from home really looks like, others started posting pictures of their own improvised workstations. And some of them just scream “back pain”. Cozy nook by your living room window with a park view? Think more like cramped makeshift desk inside your kid’s closet or an improvised standing workstation made from an ironing board.

Check out the reality of working from home in the gallery below!

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Image credits: julesforrest


Image source: lifeincapitals

Well, you can always iron the clothes while you’re at it.


Image source: BuckeyeEmpire

Ah, yes, for disinfection. Of course.


Image source: SofiAmeli

Too warm, uncomfortable and sometimes farts. 11/10.


Image source: jimmy0x52


Image source: twiztwit

Work out while you work – what’s not to love?


Image source: FeeleyMeghan

Well, Meghan, looks like work will have to wait.


Image source: PussycatNaughty


Image source: cornett

Not the worst idea, to be honest. Just don’t forget to turn of your engine unless you love that sweet smell of exhaust fumes.


Image source: tempestdevyne


Image source: joshmateo

Don’t forget to recycle the laptop when you’re done!


Image source: LaLorenz


Image source: cmaferrell

It’s starting to look a little bit like a Jenga tower.


Image source: nathanhood


Image source: miamiamarie


Image source: _mathieson_


Image source: MelnysNewkirk


Image source: sabrina_monarch

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.


Image source: jessicaroberts

Looks like your coworker is giving you the stink eye.


Image source: jibbered

You need an engineering degree just to understand what you’re looking at.


Image source: BNNERMAN

Where are you working from, a distillery?


Image source: kikasuzie


Image source: bcoolnofear


Image source: poonamjayant


Image source: rhiannonrickard

Honestly, everyone’s desk looked like that back in college.


Image source: kateyyan


Image source: BAE_leee

It’s all fun and games until someone turns on the drier.


Image source: skuwamoto


Image source: iambradcahoon


Image source: MariBMagdalene

Just wait until mom makes you remove everything so she can serve dinner.


Image source: karolinemys

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