Daughter Orders A Hoodie That Says “No Photos” After Her Influencer Mom Wouldn’t Stop Posting Her Pictures Online https://ift.tt/3bf1AYP

febrero 05, 2020

You might think most influencers are teens and 20 somethings with nothing better to do but that’s where you’d be wrong. Turns out there’s no age limit to being an influencer and even some parents love to document their daily lives and upload everything to social media. And some even get so carried away, their children have to tell them to tone it down.

A 16-year-old Reddit user FinallyAnonymous6 recently posted a story to a subreddit called r/AmItheA-hole explaining how her mother got so obsessed with posting every little detail of the family members’ lives online, she resorted to wearing a hoodie that said “No Photos” every time her mother was around. And the influencer mom wasn’t too happy about it.

Image credits: yourdailyfashion (Not the actual photo)

Image credits: FinallyAnonymous6

FinallyAnonymous6 even thought about creating an Instagram that would simply have one picture of her holding a piece of paper saying “I do not consent to photos on the account @MomsAccount. I do not consent to being written about in @mommyblog. I did not consent to the pictures and stories already posted there. Please help me report all of @MomsAccount posts where I appear for harassment.”

However, she was worried that it would attract even more drama when she wants the opposite. “Plus, I know the wording would make my mom angry. Every time I talk about consent or ‘no means no’ or how I own my own body, she accuses me of making it sound like ‘a dirty sex thing’…” wrote the teen. “Which isn’t how I mean it, I just think consent and bodily autonomy matters for many reasons! Not only sex!”

People online supported the 16-year-old

“I already feel like I’m at ‘last resort’ stages now, I just recently had a huge public fight with my mom where I lost my temper and screamed at her, ‘I’m 16, IT’S NOT OKAY THAT YOU’RE WHORING ME OUT FOR MONEY’,” wrote the girl. “[She] totally missed the point that I don’t want my pics to be her money-making scheme anymore.”

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