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febrero 21, 2020

Have you ever noticed someone walking down the street that looked so incredibly similar to you, you began thinking they could be your long-lost twin your parents never told you about? Well, if the answer is no we’ve still got some good news for you – with there being over 7 billion people in the world, you’re bound to run into someone that looks similar to you eventually. Sometimes, however, you end up finding your doppelgangers in the most unexpected places – like on the cover of a DVD or inside a children’s book. Or you can be unfortunate enough to find one on the packaging of something called a “willy brush”.

Check out the most unexpected places people found their doppelgangers in below!

#1 Whoever Understood The Impact Of This Photo, Understood Everything

Image source: gabicoelho

#2 In The Flesh

Image source: Z3F

#3 I Can Only Hope To Be Painted So Someone In The Future Can Do This As Well

Image source: rofloflo

#4 Awkward

Image source: tr_morrison

#5 My Godson Think He’s The Royal Prince

Image source: TheGGongShow

#6 My Friend Found Himself In A Bag Of Chips

Image source: 10KBananas

#7 My Friend The Emperor Hadrian

Image source: menchon

#8 Linguini From Ratatouille

#9 My Japanese Friend Found A Game About Himself In A Shop In The Netherlands

Image source: Akihabarakatta

#10 See It. Feel It. Become It

Image source: Phantom_Katana

#11 When You Go To Get A Flu Shot And The Pharmacist Is Your Doppelganger

Image source: Garthanthoclops

#12 If My Friend’s Son Lived In Mexico, He Would Be Tripping Over Candles

Image source: SingzJazz

#13 My Haircut Is 200 Years Out Of Date

Image source: I_AM_SAM_ADAMS

#14 I Found My Doppelgänger In This Painting At A Local Art Exhibit

It was titled “When I Grow Up”, which is funny because the first career I ever wanted to be was an astronaut.

Image source: JustHereToTease

#15 Noticed A Peculiar Resemblance In My Friend’s Nativity Scene Today. I Present You, The Fresh Prince Of Bethlehem

Image source: Philltron

#16 Found My Doppelganger In Poland, Unfortunately It Was On A “Willy Brush”

Image source: geodudeisarockstar

#17 So My Friend Just Found Her Kid’s Doppelganger

Image source: Fraxina

#18 The Adoration Of The Magi

Image source: psoykorolenko

#19 Friend Looks Exactly Like The Painting At A Bar

Image source: NaiTix

#20 Found Myself In Berlin Museum

Image source: cuddness

#21 Check Out This Hot Guy I Found On The Corner

Image source: amontano916

#22 My Husband Ken Found A Mini Plastic Version Of Himself At Homegoods

Image source: mizzroberts

#23 Doppelgänger “Juno”

Image source: cmhourdequin

#24 The Time Picasso Portrayed Me

Image source: matteoteobasso

#25 Lookalikes

Image source: S3bluen

#26 This Thrift Store Photo Is My Doppelganger

Image source: falconfalcone

#27 My Friend Found His Doppelganger In The Subway Last Night

Image source: kappi8

#28 My Daughter And This Painting

Image source: motherlesschildren

#29 Just Doing That

Image source: sidshembekar

#30 Searching For Doppelgangers

Image source: GoTNeedleandHammer

#31 The South American Version Of Shrek

Image source: ItsPearce

#32 My Doctor Said: “You Kinda Look Like That Guy On The Wall Over There!”

Image source: dk69

#33 I Was At Work When We Noticed A Fantastic Lookalike

Image source: danrobson1

#34 My Teacher Looks Like Gru From Despicable Me

Image source: smilingnothappy

#35 Still Wondering Whether He Did This On Purpose Or Not

Image source: HogNutsJohnson

#36 Today I Found My Doppelganger

Image source: k_o_g_i

#37 When You Stumble Upon Your Classmate’s Side Modeling Gig

Image source: cabiel187

#38 I’ve Been Told I Look Like Chris Pratt

Image source: AustinSevenfold

#39 See That Picture In The Background? That Isn’t Me

Image source: jennaanderson29

I’ve had several people send me a picture of that picture that hangs in several Pizza Pie Cafe locations in Utah and Idaho. I’ve never worked at Pizza Pie Cafe but apparently I have a doppelgänger walking around somewhere.

#40 So He Kind Of Looks Like Me

Image source: Diesel__Bangers

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