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febrero 03, 2020

Every aspiring designer wants to create something that will become iconic and recognized all around the world like the distinctive wedge shape of a Ferrari or the practicality of the Swiss Army knife. But even though their hopes are high, many end up creating some pretty hilarious and terrible designs before becoming the next Giorgetto Giugiaro or Le Corbusier.

A subreddit called r/CrappyDesign collects the funniest examples of poor design that will make you ask “What on Earth were they thinking?”. From unnecessary plastic wrapping and poorly worded ads to designs that are just flat-out dangerous, check out the times people tried designing stuff and failed miserably in the gallery below!

#1 If Only They Realized

Image source: BrightSpright

#2 My Sister’s School Health Clinic May Need Some Emoji-Education

Image source: TwirlyGuacamole

#3 At The Local Gym

Image source: herashoka

#4 Anti-Plastic Book Wrapped In Said Plastic

Image source: Qudufy_Duck

#5 That’s How I Broke My Leg

Image source: Dis-Man-8

#6 Ladies And Gentlemen, The Pinnacle Of Human Stupidity

Image source: KoldunMaster

#7 Sounds Like An Invite To Your Own Murder

Image source: sh*telyf

#8 Trying To Figure Out What This Sign Means For The Past 5 Years

Image source: notgayyyyy

#9 Cousins…

Image source: thecreoleking

#10 Honestly, If I Am Booking For Boston, That’s Kind Of Where I Would Like To End Up.

Image source: jlr9

#11 My Friend’s Apartment Has A 1/2 Bathroom On The Ground Floor. This Is The View From The Street.

Image source: donnydealZ

#12 This Ad For Teeth Whitening

Image source: punchy989

#13 Straight Pride Flag Looks Totally Gay

Image source: neoprenewedgie

#14 Ladies And Gentlemen Take A Look At This Gem

Image source: ReiReiKi

#15 I Hope The Electrician Knows The Sprinklers Schedule

Image source: sause246

#16 He’s Calling Her To Ask Her For Her Number?

Image source: PomPlosion

#17 Our Company Now Has 900 Of These Pens

Image source: mtkeepsrolling

#18 To Stir Or Not To Stir. That Is The Question

Image source: _everything_is_fine

#19 This Backroad Near My House

Image source: esteban_agpa

#20 This Plaque Near My House

Image source: Jamez7484

#21 Those Are Some Interesting Arms You Got There…

Image source: Thefeuerone

#22 The Implication That This Tooth Has Something Down There

Image source: Dylflon

#23 Waiting To Engage In A Dining Experience At My Favorite Taco Establishment

Image source: twitchPr0saic

#24 Finally A Realistic Mannequin In Women’s Lingerie Store

Image source: Bukkake_Monster

#25 Imagine Being Drunk

Image source: M3strefi

#26 The Us Space Force Has Olive-Green Camouflage Uniforms … For Outer Space.

Image source: BartKing

#27 So Xxxl Is Just A Stretched Xxl?

Image source: BIGSlil

#28 These Two Pens At My Office… Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong

Image source: 1 year ago

#29 [oc] This Won The Design Competition

Image source: chica420

#30 This Elevator

Image source: password1capitalp

#31 Let’s Use Red To Indicate The Coldest Temperatures And Blue To Indicate The Warmest

Image source: sensory_overlord

#32 The Single Worst Clock I Have Ever Seen. I Actually Said Aloud “Whyyyy”

Image source: patchestheshark

#33 These Stairs In My In-Laws Summerhouse. We Have Parties Here So Going Down These Stairs Drunk Is A Challange

Image source: holyhelp

#34 If Only Louisiana Were Shaped Like A Letter In The Word Love, This Would Have Worked Much Better

Image source: BeerandGuns

#35 This Pennywise Halloween Costume

Image source: Scoutingtn

#36 This Tablecloth That Looks Like A Hair Carpet

Image source: 7HZE6

#37 Someone Was Wearing These At The Mall And I Had To Double Take

Image source: kan-neigh

#38 It’s Supposed To Say Shoemaker

Image source: Cataclysmxdd

#39 This New Wall Art In My Office

Image source: Bitemarkz

#40 Washing Machine

Image source: hacktvist

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