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febrero 05, 2020

Mary Nicola is a 20-year-old Romanian freelance artist who creates webcomics about various everyday things, anxiety, and most importantly the struggles of being a tall girl. The artist is 6 ft tall and even though shopping for clothes, taking showers and sleeping can be a struggle, she still says being tall is pretty awesome. “Being 6-feet-tall has some advantages but besides all of them, most situations are literally awkward,” says Mary. “For me, having a short best friend is one of them.”

Check out Mary’s funny and relatable comics in the gallery below!

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Tall girl’s morning problems

Tall girl’s shopping problems

Tall girl problems part 999

I love shopping, but I hate when this happens

Natural heels

That’s why I don’t like showering, I’d rather take a bath

Having a tall/short best friend

The struggles of taking selfies together

..or when someone is taking a picture of both of you

Clothes never fit!

Talking to your best friend

It’s such a pleasure to hug my short friends

A basic day when I try to be confident

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