Someone Films The Iconic Dance Scene From “Joker” From Their Window

enero 07, 2020

Who hasn’t seen “Joker” by now? Even if you haven’t, you’ve most likely seen memes featuring the stair dance scene. Well, it turns out someone got an even closer look at the scene. Imagine just hanging around in your home when you suddenly look out the window and see Joaquin Phoenix in full makeup and Joker outfit – sounds crazy but this actually happened to one lucky New York resident. Lucky for us, they even managed to capture a video of it with their phone and shared it online, giving us a unique angle of this now-iconic scene – check it out below!

One lucky New York resident got to see the iconic stair dance scene from “Joker” from their own window

Some fans were complaining about the dirt on the window but they were clearly missing the point. Who cares if the window is dirty – how often do you see a movie being filmed from such a unique angle?

The fan captured Joaquin Phoenix in full makeup and Joker outfit

Image credits: Warner Bros

The now dubbed “Joker stairs” are located in the Bronx and connect Shakespeare and Anderson avenues at West 167th Street.

The scene captured in the video was actually the same one used in the film

Image credits: Warner Bros

As for the movie itself, it was an instant hit and made $1.063 billion worldwide, making it the most profitable comic book movie ever made.

Make sure to check out the stairs if you’re planning to visit New York!

People loved the video

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