Robert Irwin Barely Holds Back Tears As His Family Discusses The Impact Of The Australian Bushfires

enero 08, 2020

Even though firefighters are trying their hardest to control the flames, the raging Australian bushfires have already claimed the lives of over half a billion animals and devastated over 14 million acres (21,875 square miles) of land, destroying the natural habitats of countless animals. Just a few days ago, the Irwin family, who had already helped over 90,000 animals, gave an interview explaining the damage caused by the fires and you can clearly see Robert barely holding back the tears.

The Irwin family recently gave an interview explaining the effect the bushfires had on the Australian wildlife

People from all over Australia are uniting to help the poor animals. Even the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital team joined the cause, despite being located over 2,000 kilometers away from the fires. In the interview with Sunrise, Terri Irwin said they’re able to offer a safe haven for wildlife in need of help and reported that they’re seeing all sorts of different injuries. The family is currently looking after possums, birds, koalas, platypuses, and many more animals.

You could see Robert barely holding back his tears while Terri was explaining the current state of the koala population

Terri went on to explain why many koalas are dying in the fires. It’s mainly because their instincts tell them to climb to the top of the trees when in danger and since eucalyptus trees are full of oil, they burn very fast or even straight-up explode, killing the poor koalas.

So many koalas have been killed in the bushfires, their status might have to be changed from “vulnerable” to “endangered”

The Irwins say they’re heartbroken but are still trying to do their best to help in any way they can during this horrific situation.

People loved the family’s sincere interview

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