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enero 17, 2020

Australians have been battling the bushfires for quite a while now. It has been a gruesome battle but it looks like a rain of hope has finally dawned upon them – it has finally started raining. Although “raining” isn’t quite the right word – a severe thunderstorm has started, causing dangerous flash floods, and the Bureau of Meteorology says 30 to 80 mm worth of rain is expected in eastern New South Wales between Thursday and Sunday. However, the downpour helped extinguish 32 bushfires in the region, reducing the number of fires from 120 to 88.

More info: Bureau of Meteorology

Australians relieved as rain finally starts pouring in the bushfire-ravaged region

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“Relief is here for a number of firefighters working across NSW. Although this rain won’t extinguish all fires, it will certainly go a long way towards containment,” wrote the NSW Rural Fire Service under a recently shared video.

More rain is said to fall in the upcoming days and hopefully, it will help put out more fires

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A local Meteorology Bureau reported that it’s difficult to forecast exactly where the heaviest rain will fall due to the hit & miss nature of thunderstorms. They say that some parts of eastern Australian could see 50–100 mm of rainfall during the upcoming days while others might see very little.

The long-expected rain already helped put out 32 bushfires

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15 mm of rain has fallen in New South Wales and Victoria this Wednesday and Thursday. However, the heavy rainfall did not come without consequences – it has caused some flooding in Melbourne.

Even though the rainfall extinguished some of the fires, NSW Rural Fire Services reports that there are still over 80 active ones

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People were relieved after seeing the rainfall

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Others even started dancing in the rain!

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