Blind Woman Shares How People Described Colors To Her When She Was Young

diciembre 13, 2019

Have you ever though about how you would describe a color? You’d most likely try to think of a fruit or vegetable with a similar color and just go from there. But what if the person you’re describing the color to has never actually seen colors? That’s where the real challenge comes.

Someone on Twitter recently pondered the question of how would one would describe colors to a blind person and after a bit of digging, found some interesting descriptions shared by a woman named Ashley. This started quite a discussion on Twitter with people even coming up with their own descriptions – check it out below!

One Twitter user recently found a post by a blind woman explaining how she was described colors

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Image credits: The Cut

Some Twitter users shared their own descriptions

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Another user made an interesting observation pointing out that different cultures understand the meanings of colors differently. For example, in some cultures red might be associated with love and passion, while in others it may be associated with danger.

Turns out describing colors using just words is harder than you think

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While people loved the poetic descriptions of colors, the reality is that there’s no one way to accurately describe a color by using just words. Do you think you’d be able to do it?

Other people also tried coming up with descriptions, some being more accurate than others

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