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diciembre 23, 2019

How did you decorate your office this year? Pulled out the same fake plastic tree from last year and hung a few colorful garlands? Or maybe you just dropped a wreath on the windowsill and called it a day? Whatever the case may be, today we got you a collection of creative Christmas trees employees from different industries came up with that will one-up anything you may have thought of.

Christmas trees made of glass panels, umbrellas and even real doggos – check out the most creative Christmas trees employees came up with in the gallery below!

#1 A Very Special Christmas Tree In Public Library Created By The Librarians (Sulęcin, Poland)

Image source: Botatitsbest

#2 12 Foot Farmer’s Christmas Tree Made Entirely Out Of Bell Peppers

Image source: oMRBLONDEo

#3 Made Our Own Christmas Tree Where We Are Deployed

Image source: jerm1820

#4 The Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation Made A Christmas Tree Out Of Guide Dogs In Training

Image source: KNGFgeleidehonden

#5 My Lab Has A New Christmas Tree

Image source: EarthwormEd

#6 Tech Store Employees Make A Christmas Tree Out Of Sheets Of Glass

Image source: ProbablyMaybe69

#7 Someone Made A Pointe Shoe Christmas Tree In London Coliseum, English National Opera

Image source: katebirch20

#8 I Made A Bacterial Christmas Tree In The Lab

Image source: LadyMario

#9 Christmas Tree In The Supermarket

Image source: tabb_oule

#10 This Farmer Made A Very Specific Christmas Tree

Image source: katherine_douglas_art

#11 This Tree That The Art Center Employees Put Up In My Home Town Put Up

Image source: strangeloop527

#12 Claridge Hotel’s Christmas Tree Made Of 100 Umbrellas

Image source: interior_image.ideas

#13 I Work For A Gas Company. This Is Our Christmas Tree This Year

Image source: Oca9

#14 Clothes Shop’s Christmas Tree

Image source: doddingtonhall

#15 The IT Guy Where I Work Set This Up As His Decorations For Christmas

Image source: Mr_MozZie

#16 Walked Into This At Work Today

Image source: Novus396

#17 This Christmas Tree Made Of Latex Gloves In My Laboratory

Image source: pine_apple_pizza

#18 I Work At A Whisky Distillery And We Couldn’t Get A Tree, So We Improvised

We’re an enterprising bunch here at Raasay Distillery. When the festive season approached and we didn’t have a tree handy, we made do with the best materials to hand- Barrels! These are small ex-sherry casks that are no longer up to the task of holding scotch whisky.

Image source: litzippo

#19 This Pizza Box Christmas Tree At A Local Pizza Shop

Image source: SpaceyEve

#20 This Canary Island’s Supermarket Christmas Tree Is Bananas

Image source: drinking-coffee

#21 I Made An It Christmas Tree Made Of Monitors

Image source: thatpartyguy

#22 Encyclopedia Christmas Tree At My Local University

Image source: sa-steve-va

#23 This Christmas Tree Made Of Bycicle Gears At My Local Bike Store

Image source: Cinnemaninemanas

#24 Oh Chemis-Tree Oh Chemis-Tree! How Lovely Are Your Branches

Image source: alpacapunch33

#25 Vilnius Airport Employees Create A Christmas Tree Made Of Confiscated Items

Image source: Lithuanian Airports

#26 I Was At My Local Hispanic Bakery And I Saw This Christmas Tree Made Entirely Of Conchas

Image source: idkkimkim

#27 Workers On One Of Yeovil’s Busiest Roads Are Trying To Spread A Bit Of Festive Joy By Building Their Own Version Of A Christmas Tree

Image source: bbcsomerset

#28 The Jager Christmas Tree We Built At My Bar

Image source: free_trdr_bewlf

#29 I Wanted To Make The It Department More Cheerful, So I Made This “Tree” To Help Celebrate

Image source: Drgott

#30 Fractal Christmas Tree At Cambridge Maths Department


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