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diciembre 25, 2019

There are certain actors out there that you always seem to mistake for other ones. You know, the ones that make you say “Oh, I know this one, they had a role in that other movie” only to find out it weren’t actually them but rather a similar looking actor that could might as well be their twin. Well, Tumblr user Dontbugmeimantisocial recently collected a handful of these Hollywood twins and came up with a genius movie plot that we’d love to one day see become reality.

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Someone recently came up with a genius movie idea featuring Hollywood lookalikes

In a recent interview with Bored Panda, the user said they came up with the idea while browsing the internet during class and noticing a GIF of Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Woods’ faces shifting between each other. It made them realize how similar these actors were. “At the time, I was starting to watch more recent episodes of Saturday Night Live and the interest and thoughts crossed paths and the rest is history,” said Dontbugmeimantisocial.

“I’ve seen a lot of people saying that they’d spend money to help fund it or buy tickets to it. There’s been a lot of people adding their own thoughts, mostly Jessica Chastain and Bryce Howard Dallas,” said the user. “About the same amount of people have also pointed out that I mixed a lot of the actors up in the original post, which was by mistake.”

Dontbugmeimantisocial says the don’t have any plans for pitching this idea in the future unless there are chances of it becoming a reality. “I originally planned it to be a one-off joke post but then it ended up becoming a lot more popular than I planned,” said the user. They added that many people said the movie idea is just a live-action Team Fortress 2 movie but this wasn’t the plan. “I’ve never actually played the game nor did I know anything about it other than the few memes on the internet about it,” said the author.

“I think that Hollywood has a formula that they keep recycling over and over again. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, as it can be done really well, but after seeing a hundred of the same fight scenes, love scenes, plot lines, and genres, it can get a bit old,” concluded Dontbugmeimantisocial. Hopefully we’ll one day get to see their movie become reality!

People loved the movie plot and even pitched some ideas of their own

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