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octubre 03, 2019

A sign is a great way to get your message across – if you phrase your words correctly. Because if you don’t, you just might end up with a goofy word salad that will leave people puzzled. And they will laugh – they will point their fingers and laugh. So you better proofread it well!

People online are sharing all sorts of poorly worded signs they came across and some of them will really make you turn your head to decipher what on earth they’re trying to say. Unfortunate phrasing, lack of punctuation and poor choices of fonts – all of these things await you in the gallery below!

#1 How Do I Apply?

Image source: sevenonesicks

#2 Noted

Image source: jhoang0730

#3 Apparently Scary Jesus Is A Thing

Image source: Bausdria

#4 Five Extremely Slow Children Playing

Image source: chunkledom

#5 This Terribly Worded Sign I Saw Today. Sorry, I’ll Pick Up My Dog’s Poop… Wouldn’t Want To Ruin Your Child Eating Experience

Image source: KevenNotKevin

#6 Well, Uh… I Guess That’s A Good Motto

Image source: doubletheaction

#7 Attention

Image source: rosco555555

#8 Thanks For The Advice

Image source: zapsquad

#9 Experience

Image source: lilyber

#10 Who Else Is Donating To End Children?

Image source: Gummie

#11 So My Campus Had A Suicide Awareness And Prevention Day

Image source: KBid-1998

#12 This Habitat For Humanity Van

Image source: EasterChimp

#13 Baby Needs Beers & Wines

#14 No Safety. Smoking First

#15 Don’t Save A Life. Be Afraid To Give Blood

Image source: youllneverfindmeman

#16 Hood On vs. Hood Off

Image source: m_delacour

#17 Do I Push?

Image source: Jean_Putt

#18 Please Do Not Take It Home. Leave Litter Here

Image source: freshcheezels

#19 Just Purchased This Low Quality Fried Chicken At The Grocery Store

Image source: mountainsofkong

#20 If You Hard, Then You Hard

Image source: Vengedpotty

#21 If You Were In A Car, Would You Know What Accident To Do?

Image source: MrGrampton

#22 Smash Immigrants Welcome Racism

Image source: Dbanzai

#23 Sorry Guys, You Can’t Let Your Pets Cook Bicycles Here

Image source: PikachuIce

#24 Honey, I Think We’re Supposed To Turn Right

Image source: Lolawolf

#25 This New Wall Art In My Office

Image source: Bitemarkz

#26 I Only Saw The Left Window At First And Got Very Confused

Image source: generationfire

#27 Our To Help Trollies You Move

Image source: INTP36

#28 They Are, In Fact, A Particular Sub-Species Of Rock

Image source: 192747585939

#29 The Design School I Graduated From Sent This Postcard Out

Image source: edrini

#30 7 Surprising Black Ways To Use Beans

Image source: maximum_chungus

#31 So I Fart Old Dust

Image source: variousbirds

#32 When Your Gym Tryies Hard To Motivate You But Fails To Make Any Sense

Image source: james_pawned

#33 Vicious Inc… What?!

Image source: thedirtyjackal

#34 Truly Inspiring

Image source: littlefisch2020

#35 Stand Hong With Kong

Image source: pedrojalapa

#36 This Monstrosity

Image source: Hantook

#37 From Afar, This Sign Has A Completely Different Meaning

Image source: tannerclary3

#38 Never Ever Ever Beef. Frozen Always

Image source: ManWitoutSocks

#39 Wet Private Clay Parties

Image source: bouncingredgrape

#40 Burn Increase

Image source: SabertoothCSGO

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