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septiembre 19, 2019

If you ever worked in an office, you probably know about the mysterious place known as the office fridge. It always seems to be chock-full of all sorts of weirdness from cans with no labels to mystery Tupperware containers full of mold, so a leftover tub of cottage cheese shouldn’t look that out of place. Well, apparently it caught one woman’s eye and the little tub of cottage cheese actually became a part of an annual tradition.

Julia, also known as jgbones on Reddit, first saw the tub of pineapple-flavored cottage cheese in her office fridge seven years ago.

Julia has recently celebrated her and the tub of cottage cheese’s seven year anniversary and it quickly went viral on Reddit.

In an interview with Bored Panda, Julia admitted to buying the cottage cheese herself.

“I bought it back in 2012 – opened it – tasted it – hated it (no surprise, its low fat and has weird fake pineapple in it) – and threw it in the fridge,” said Julia.

Julia said that it somehow got pushed to the back of the fridge and she simply forgot about it. The tub eventually became a running joke and no one wanted to throw it out.

“The cheese is in a tub, with the lid on. The seal has been broken, but it’s never the perpetrator of any weird odors. We moved offices earlier this year and now we have more room, two fridges – no smells – and we’re a happy family,” says Julia. “Besides – everyone respects the cheese – it’s been here for a long time!”

The woman says she will only throw the cottage cheese away if she leaves the job or once it becomes 10 years old.

“I haven’t opened it since I bought it – so I wonder what it looks like inside. My boyfriend is incredibly against it staying in the fridge at home, so it’s got a bunch of post-it notes saying DON’T TOSS, and everyone here in the office knows not to touch it,” says Julia.

Image credits: jgbones

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