Someone Said This Woman She Was “Too Ugly” To Post Selfies So She Posted 3 More Selfies As A Response

septiembre 10, 2019

You probably know the old saying: “Never judge a book by its cover”. We probably don’t need to tell you that it applies to humans too – yet some people don’t seem to grasp it. And freelance writer Melissa Blake recently got to experience it first hand.

Melissa is not only a freelance writer that covers topics like relationships and pop culture but also the creator of the So About What I Said blog. The writer was born a rare genetic disorder called Freeman-Sheldon Syndrome and gives personal insights on what it’s like living in it in her blog.

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Not that long ago, one conservative YouTuber mentioned Melissa’s recent op-ed about Donald Trump in their video. Sadly, instead of having a civilized discussion in the comment section, the commenters resorted to petty insults, mocking the writer’s appearance.

However, Melissa did not let the trolls get to her and decided to respond by doing something not many of us would dare to do after receiving so many insulting comments. She uploaded three more selfies to “commemorate the occasion”.

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The important thing to realize is that these people are mere trolls, hiding behind fake aliases and anime profile pictures, and their hurtful comments are nothing but reflections of their own insecurities. Good on Melissa for not letting them get her down!

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