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septiembre 25, 2019

Is there anything some people wouldn’t do to get some imaginary internet points? Apparently not. They seem to have no problem making up fake laws, facts and even celebrity stories even though they’re just a single Google search away from being busted. Lucky for us, there are people out there who take their time to research every crazy story posted online and publicly call out the posters on their BS.

There’s even a whole subreddit with almost 1.3M members where people publicly shame the BS-ers, called /r/quityourbullshit. So the next time you think some story sounds too good to be true, you’ll probably find it there.

Check out the people who were publicly called out on their BS in the gallery below!

#1 Online Troll Gets Put In His Place By Arnold Schwarzenegger

Image source: Arnold Schwarzenegger

#2 Apparently, It’s Impossible For Women To Be Smart And Beautiful At The Same Time

Image source: lyndsey360

#3 IKEA Correcting A Concerned American Citizen On How To Properly Display The US Flag

Image source: EdenBlade47

#4 That Was Smart

Image source: 0lucaacul0

#5 Antivaxxer Claims To Be A Marine, Even Though You Need Vaccines To Enter The Marines

Image source: Incognito1101

#6 Came Across This While Looking For Reviews To A Local Tattoo Studio

Image source: kaboomeh

#7 Burden Of Proof

Image source: arg6531

#8 User Explains Why We Don’t Use Pencils In Space

Image source: chrisleduc

#9 Anti-Vaxxer Logic

Image source: DeterminedDoge

#10 Delivering The Twist Ending

Image source: rebel_wo_a_clause

#11 Quit Your Bullsh*t Peta, Going Agains Steve Irwin

Image source: Uruguayan_Tarantino

#12 That Awkward Moment You Remember Some Of Your Followers Are Related To You

Image source: LFuculokinase

#13 I Have Severe Trust Issues With Any “Pet Shaming” Picture These Days

Image source: JohnnyMrNinja

#14 Africa Is Pretty Diverse

Image source: jaytix1

#15 Caught Lying

Image source: Versipelia

#16 If It Smells Like Bullsh*t, It Probably Is

Image source: iAmTheTot

#17 Girl Exposes BS Account Using Her Pictures To Sell Their Product

Image source: 773202noot

#18 An Anti-Vaxx Double Whammy!

Image source: reddit.com

#19 My Antivaxx Aunt That No One Really Likes, Has Made An Interesting Post On Facebook. After I Responded She Pmed Me This

Image source: sTacoSam

#20 I Guess Heroic Hollywood Really Likes That Film

Image source: PhenomenalPancake

#21 Got Her There

Image source: reddit.com

#22 Vaccines Huh?

Image source: Zadet607

#23 Your Phone Is Now Hacked

Image source: ahahaimgay2

#24 Bites The Onion And Lies About TV Segment That Never Happened

Image source: Dafinition

#25 Person Caught Lying Got Served!

Image source: BrannyMuffins

#26 “My Uncle From 1978” Not Quite

Image source: Brandlil

#27 Instagram ‘Fact Pages’ Everyone

Image source: Laughtrac_

#28 “Please Stop Using It”

Image source: Bq22_

#29 Not The Gospel Truth?

Image source: nomaddd79

#30 My Hometown Facebook Page Is A Goldmine

Image source: classactionfursuit

#31 That Anti-Vax Epidemiologist…

Image source: IVTD4KDS

#32 Keanu Reeves, Mega Genius

Image source: jaytix1

#33 I Swear To God

Image source: YEETIUS_LMAO

#34 The Mountain Calling Out An Instagram Fan Page On Their Bullsh*t

Image source: _testep

#35 Elderly Lady Complaining On Twitter Is Called Out

Image source: RunDNA

#36 The Amount Of Times I Have Seen This Argument Is Astounding

Image source: DanThMann

#37 Don’t See Much Star Trek Content Here

Image source: reddit.com

#38 Employee’s Girlfriend Told A Facebook Group Of 60,000 People To Send Bad Reviews To A Small Business

Image source: ahdkal

#39 That’s Jam

Image source: u-had-it-coming

#40 She Must’ve Been An Early Adopter Of Technology

Image source: reddit.com

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