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septiembre 19, 2019

Imagine you’re in a 5 hour flight: you’re cramped in your tiny economy class seat with barely any leg room, desperately trying to wiggle into some sort of contortionist position so you can have at least a little nap. Then you look over to the passenger on your right – only 15 minutes into the flight and they’re already sleeping like a rock with their mouth open and their neck bent a solid 90 degrees. That really makes you think that the ability to fall asleep anywhere at any given time is a superpower on its own.

People online are sharing pictures of people who managed to fall asleep in all sorts of awkward positions and the photos will really make you envious of their superpowers. Falling asleep on trains, gondolas and even farm animals proved to be no challenge to these people – check them out in the gallery below!

#1 A Boy And His Cow Napping At The Goshen Fair

Image source: tiameghan

#2 I Was Reading In Bed Last Night When I Realized My Husband And Our Foster Kittens Were All Fast Asleep Like This

Image source: yoyoadrienne

#3 This Man Sleeping In The Office In Front Of His Colleagues

Image source: TheOrangeDuke

#4 My Sister Fell Asleep While She Was Reading A Magazine

Image source: Blowfin

#5 Family Asleep

#6 An Expensive Nap In Venice, Italy

Image source: EconomiaItalia

#7 Man Set Up Camera To Record What His Cat Does At Night

Image source: boredpanda.com

#8 This Is What Friends Are For

Image source: vladrichdemaclant

#9 My Niece Thought My Mom Needed This Sticker While She Was Sleeping

Image source: radio_dead

#10 How To Sleep Well. It Freaking Worked

Image source: aymbrbr

#11 Here We See A Wild Bass Player, Sleeping Soundly In Its’ Cocoon

Image source: savedbyiron

#12 Everybody’s Got These Great Pictures Of Their People Sleeping With Their Pets And I’m Over Here Stuck With This Mess

Image source: aderaptor

#13 Flight Attendants Need To Rest Too

Image source: peoplestanding

#14 My Kid Sleeps Like He Fell Down In Family Guy

Image source: AirmanAJK

#15 Walked In On The SO Sleeping. I’m Not Sure She’s Human

Image source: ElrianWalker

#16 My Roommate’s Grandma Was Visiting, And Gave Me A Little Scare When I Found Her Taking A Nap. Then I Noticed Her Book

Image source: Pinionedspiral

#17 How To Sleep At Work

Image source: Reduxus

#18 This Is Why You Don’t Fall Asleep In An Airport

#19 Favorite Sleeping Position: The Nazi

Image source: filipbitola

#20 Sleep Contortionist (21-Year-Old Son After His 1st Day On New Job Falls Asleep Rather Stylishly)

Image source: rasburryswirl

#21 Bedroom Is Really Sunny In The Morning. Found Husband Sleeping Like This

Image source: Kat211

#22 My Boyfriend’s Sleeping Position Screams “B**** I’m Fabulous”

Image source: kma313

#23 Today I Found Out That My Co-Worker Sleeps With His Eyes Open And Looks Very Creepy

Image source: Quickzor

#24 Wife Has Fallen Asleep Beneath The Paper. This Freaked Me Out For A Second

Image source: craigstone_

#25 My Wife Naps Like This

Image source: FlyingWhaley

#26 Have You Ever Heard About Sleeping Under The Table?

#27 A Friend Stayed Over Last Night. When I Left The Room To Take A Shower, He Was Sleeping On The Couch; When I Came Back…

Image source: omgwhateverdudejustletmein

#28 Sleeping Level: Jedi

Image source: shrek0623

#29 Waking Up Will Be Hard

Image source: Bierrr

#30 This Sleeping Position

Image source: shibuyameltdown

#31 He Doesn’t Understand Why I Hate Sleeping With Him

Image source: SarahDawn1

#32 Ever Had So Much Alcohol You Tried To Enter A House Via The Cat Door, Then Went To Sleep Half Way Through?

Image source: iamnotastroturfing

#33 A Girl At Uni Fell Asleep In A Chair

Image source: theshitclockisticking

#34 How Is That Even Possible?

Image source: pagegq

#35 Interesting Sleep Pose

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