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septiembre 16, 2019

Ah, Craigslist, the neverending source of all sorts of weirdness. From pets to cars to services – browsing the page really makes you think if there’s anything people wouldn’t try selling to make a quick buck or two.

People online are sharing the craziest and funniest Craigslist ads they’ve come across and some of them are hilariously bizarre. From mountains of almonds to human-sized hamster wheels, these pictures will make you realize what a wild place this online marketplace is. So next time you’re thinking about throwing away some old furniture, try listing it on Craigslist instead – we’re sure you’ll be in for an adventure.

Check out the craziest Craigslist ads in the gallery below!

More info: craigslist.org

#1 Saw This Gem On My Local Craigslist

Image source: Getzen

#2 The Things You Find On Craigslist

Image source: WayJay

#3 Uber Alternative

Image source: anlyin

#4 Another Craiglists Gem

Image source: Sutcliffe

#5 Craigslist: Idiot Needed To Beat Vanilla Dome

Image source: verious_

#6 Free Almonds!

Image source: soapy_goatherd

#7 Anyone Need Reminder Tags?

Image source: liraeve

#8 Spotted Under Free On Craigslist Baltimore

Image source: TheJoo52

#9 Craigslist Ad Looking For Replacement Friend

Image source: LukeGreatGuy

#10 Found This Browsing My Local Craigslist

Image source: mschnarr

#11 A Friend Of Mine (Still Haven’t Found Out Who) Posted This Craigslist Ad For My Birthday. 100 Points For Creativity, -100 Points For All The Chinchilla Texts And Voicemails

Image source: Vote_For_Donnelly

#12 Just Cancelled My Weekend Plans After I Saw This On Craigslist

Image source: disule

#13 This Guy On Craigslist Found A Lost “Dog”

Image source: mashingButtonsWildly

#14 Amanda On Craigslist

Image source: hokieod

#15 I Was Looking For Used Laptops In Craigslist

Image source: sweetbunsmcgee

#16 The Things You See On Craigslist When You Live In Nashville

Image source: DeyHateUsCuzDeyAnus

#17 Craigslist Gold

Image source: John Lindsay

#18 Bread And Gas At Trader Joe’s

Image source: Zcuauhtemoc

#19 It Looks Cute But It Ain’t

Image source: mf-TOM-HANK

#20 Take This Baby Out For A Spin

Image source: craigslist.org

#21 Free Bacon

Image source: TuvoksDoRag

#22 Goose The Lobster (Hates Johnny Cash)

Image source: echoreddited

#23 The Only Time I’ve Ever Clicked “Best Of Craigslist”

Image source: lars2458

#24 My Friend Found Another Indispensable Service On Craigslist Yesterday

Image source: longdrinkmcg

#25 This Is Not A Joke

Image source: nememess

#26 Found On Craigslist In My City

Image source: aslatton

#27 Craigslist Ad: “Free Vcr With Old School P***o Stuck Inside”

Image source: DeathByPolka

#28 Craigslist Cookie Creep

Image source: gonzotaxi

#29 They Know Their Targer Audience

Image source: craigslist.org

#30 I Saw This A While Back, Maybe It Belongs Here

Image source: AwkwardZac

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