Mother Of A Singleton, Twins, And Triplets Documents The Life Of Her Family In Adorable Pictures (30 Pics)

agosto 30, 2019

If you think giving birth to a child is hard, try giving birth to twins. Or triplets. Or all of the above, like Adelaide-based photographer Lucia Staykov did. And no, this is not some sort of typo. The photographer actually gave birth to a singleton, then twins, before finally giving birth to triplets. She documents the life of her big family in pictures and they’re just too adorable.

Lucia loves her big family and being a mom, and says she wouldn’t have it any other way.

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“So first, we had our son, and we were so happy to have grown our family. Then, when we found out we were having twins, we were so shocked, we couldn’t stop laughing at the ultrasound office,” says the photographer. “Then, when we found out we were having triplets, we couldn’t speak. We just couldn’t comprehend it. It was so surreal. The triplets arrived at 35 weeks and life became super busy. Breastfeeding three babies was a big challenge, but we did it.”

Imagine if Lucia gets pregnant again – you probably know how that would end.

According to Lucia, getting all six kids ready to go out is no easy task – it requires a lot of preparation. Luckily, her mom was living close by and was able to help her out. One of the more annoying things the photographer mentioned was the questions from strangers each time the family goes out in public. “The questions were sometimes very personal and very repetitive, but you can’t blame people for being so interested,” said Lucia. “Once I had a stranger ask if they could kiss one of my baby triplets. What? No!!  Also, typical questions like “Are they identical?”, “How do you manage?”, “Are they natural?”, “Did you know you were having triplets?” These questions came left, right and center… all the time.”

“There was no me time in the early times, but I enjoyed going for a walk with the triplets in the pram, and boys on their bikes. It was my relaxation time. My triplet pram was awesome, but it was big… and no, it didn’t fit everywhere,” explained Lucia the struggles of having triplets. “I remember going to the zoo for the first time with all the kids, and we couldn’t fit through the gate. Luckily, we were able to use the staff delivery gate around the corner. You get used to such challenges.”

Now that the kids are older, Lucia works part-time as a photographer. She says they still manage to make time for family holidays as it’s their favorite thing to do. “Spending time together exploring new places is what we look forward to the most,” says Lucia.

Check out the adorable photos of her big family in the gallery below!

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