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agosto 28, 2019

You know how there are some things that are just a little off and you can’t quite put your finger on why? Now, we’re not talking about obvious things like late buses or traffic jams – think more like off-centered windows or slightly shifted tiles. Those are the things that can really infuriate you – really mildly infuriate you.

People online are sharing the most mildly infuriating things they’ve come across and some of them will really make your blood boil – at least a little bit. From awkward urinal placement to bizzare fonts, check out all the annoying things people found and just had to share in the gallery below!

#1 Someone Thought It Would Be Funny To Do This At The Corner Of Every Page Of This Notebook

Image source: asdfghjklsofia

#2 Preth Any Button

Image source: huck002

#3 Well You’re Not Wrong

Image source: BerendjD

#4 It’s Like They Want Me To Have An Aneurysm

Image source: infinityeoc

#5 What The Actual Mother ******* **** Is This *******

Image source: Blake262626

#6 This Neighborhood I Saw On Google Maps Really Hits Me Hard

Image source: zyyye

#7 How The **** Does This Happen?

Image source: huuuhuuu

#8 This Stove

Image source: _A_Pancake_

#9 People Whose Desktops Look Like This

Image source: momoneymomorrison

#10 This Chandelier At A Restaurant I Ate At Bothers Me So Much

Image source: fluffynuff

#11 When You Play The Sims But Forget To Rotate

Image source: orangejuice1234

#12 Okay What The Hell

Image source: RandomRunningRobot

#13 That. One. Pole.

Image source: J_Swan1315

#14 At My Closest Train Station. I Think I Need To Move

Image source: timmah11

#15 Meanwhile In Supermarket

#16 This Teacher Doesn’t Erase The Board Fully And Continues To Use It

Image source: Nemo4200

#17 These Lights

Image source: D3TROIT40oz248

#18 The Way This Pizza Has Been Cut

Image source: nelldog

#19 Just Re-Pave The Damn Road At This Point

Image source: zachwilly

#20 My Grandfather Doesn’t Peel The Plastic Off Of Anything And Won’t Let Me Peel It Off. I’m About To Have A Heart Attack

Image source: technicalidiot

#21 You Had One Job

Image source: ypele

#22 911 – I’d Like To Report A Crime

Image source: quinntoye

#23 My Friend’s New Front Door

Image source: Ollie_Bosh

#24 ON Is Red, OFF Is Green

Image source: TheWorldsCollide

#25 This Building Where Nothing Lines Up

Image source: The_Quantum_Moose

#26 I’m Literally Screaming Inside

Image source: honny78

#27 I Was High In The Road And Was Not Sure If It Was The Weed Or Not So I Took A Picture For Later

Image source: pet_sauce_

#28 Looked Down During My Shower Today. Can’t Unsee It Now

Image source: kingramses51

#29 How These Pipes Were Installed

Image source: Palifaith

#30 Not Only Is The First Light Different, The Last Light’s Fixture Is Upside Down

Image source: lepric

#31 Askew Angles

Image source: sugardoggy

#32 Why Write The ‘S’ Like That? The More I Read It, The More It Mildly Infuriates Me

Image source: Yawheyy

#33 If I Could Not See Them At The Same Time I Would Not Care

Image source: Hache42

#34 I Put The Manhole Cover Back, Boss

Image source: Tombombleron

#35 This Stripe On My Friend’s Car

Image source: nick598

#36 I Am Forced To Look At This Every Time I Get Up

Image source: rwhereemy

#37 Found This In Louisiana

Image source: ctophu

#38 Why Not “Intense Raspberry”?

Image source: lukas_ronnberg

#39 Finished Laying The Bricks, Boss

Image source: TheRealClyde1

#40 The Door On This House

Image source: Greenskeeper37

#41 Why?

Image source: NastyNate675

#42 Do I Even Have To Say Anything

Image source: Negative1Rainbowz

#43 This Apartment Building

Image source: reddit.com

#44 The Way My Mom Watches TV With Things Obscuring The Screen

Image source: eharsh87

#45 Why?

Image source: icant-chooseone

#46 Horrible Cut-Out

Image source: Imnotalreadydeadyet

#47 But How?

Image source: yeetrus1842

#48 Cut It Wrong. I Think They

Image source: Astorphobis

#49 Well Done

Image source: usukablyat

#50 I’m Just Gonna Leave That Here

Image source: ThotExecuter

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