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agosto 01, 2019

It takes a talented designer to create something that’s not only practical but looks aesthetically pleasing as well. It also takes talent to create a design so bad, it will make scratch your head and say “What on earth were you thinking?” – talent in crappy design, that is.

It seems that bad designers never sleep and continue to constantly provide us with marvels of hilariously terrible design that are so bad, they’re absolutely hilarious. From pointless plastic packaging to butt cleaning benches, check out more examples of hilariously bad design in the gallery below! And if the design critic in you wants more, check out more crappy design here and here!

#1 The Imperial System

Image source: benedictjbreen

#2 Sign At A Local Beach

Image source: joefife

#3 My School Blocked A Website Because It Was Labeled As Education

Image source: comemosmonos

#4 The Cat Just Trapped Me In The Bathroom By Opening A Drawer

Image source: LaztheFox

#5 I Bought A Billboard To Promote My Business And They Screwed Up The Formatting

Image source: bencahn

#6 So Proud Of My Country

Image source: fague_doctor

#7 The Circle Of Life

Image source: LogicLost

#8 This Resculpted Head Of Baby Jesus

Image source: reddit.com

#9 Crystal Furniture Set That Looks Like Raw Meat

Image source: reddit.com

#10 Was Worried About Privacy, So I Asked If They Could Put A Door Up To The Men’s Change Room. Problem Solved

Image source: YonoJ

#11 Almost Broke My Leg

Image source: Landash

#12 The Packaging Of Lol Dolls

Image source: Nicoledhearted

#13 A New Park Opened In My City, Pretty Lovely, And This. Buttcleaner3000

Image source: XmeDavid

#14 Don’t Wake Anybody Up If You’re Exiting The Motel During A Fire!

Image source: Coffee4MySoul

#15 My Original Post Was Removed Because Everyone Thought The Backpack Was Real. Here’s Another Angle That Shows That The Bag Is Part Of The Design And Is Blocking The Phone Number

Image source: watanabelover69

#16 I Normally Enjoy Irony, But Not This Time

Image source: fernguts

#17 Cozy Seats In Belgium

Image source: Koekoeksklok88

#18 “I Don’t Know How Our Teachers Didn’t Notice This In The Yearbook. They Don’t Even Go To Our School.”

Image source: OctopussSevenTwo

#19 Me And My GF Were Struggling With This Maze We Got When Watching The Pikachu Movie. We Checked The Solution In The Back And They Draw Through A Wall

Image source: amuehleder

#20 This Bread Packaging That Makes It Look Like It Is Moldy

Image source: chmiiller

#21 When You Get Lost Thanks To Google Assistant

Image source: alex2003super

#22 Who Thought Of This?

Image source: Zvws

#23 The Peas Are Upside Down…

Image source: thegregorious

#24 Let’s Go Paperless

Image source: Drunkyjimmybob

#25 No, I Don’t Think I Will

Image source: _Kadmus

#26 Wow. I Laughed When I Saw This!

#27 This Pillow At My Grandparents House

Image source: _smoofie_

#28 Totally-Nailed-It

#29 Hood On vs. Hood Off

Image source: m_delacour

#30 Motivational Poster At Work

Image source: FriarTuckeredOut

#31 Went To Go To The Bathroom At A Local Restaurant And Found A Literal “Crappy Design”

Image source: FritoMatt

#32 Worst Placement

Image source: Bulking_Bad

#33 Ah Thats What I Want My Toilet To Look Like. Like Someone Peed All Over It

Image source: dawidoxus

#34 How… How Are You Supposed To Sleep With A Light In Your Face?

Image source: AGenericGuyNamedSeth

#35 Laughed A Latte At This

Image source: reddit.com

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