This Photographer Captures Elderly Couples Posing For Engagement-Style Photos (15 Pics)

julio 24, 2019

Sujata Setia is a London-based award-winning family photographer. Recently, she started a photography project where she took adorable engagement-style photos of elderly people, proving that true love never fades.

Sujata says she only started family and child photography five years ago. What she quickly noticed was that people only came to get photographs with their children and spouses and never with their parents or grandparents. So the photographer decided to divide her work into two parts. “I spent one half of my month photographing my clients the way they wanted me to and the other half was dedicated to requesting grandparents and great-grandparents (who I would invite via model calls or would randomly approach in public places) to come and be photographed by me with their grandkids,” says Sujata.

During a photoshoot in Houston, Texas, Sujata noticed that while she was photographing one grandparent with their grandchild, the other grandparent was just standing in the corner. “So, for the sake of their memories together, I asked both grandparents if I could photograph them together… and I haven’t stopped doing that now,” says the photographer.

“Whichever country I visit, I make sure I photograph elderly couples there together and I cannot express how fulfilling this has been for me. The stories I hear of their lives together… and the pure and honest love that I witness in the course of these shoots is just beyond amazing,” shared Sujata. “One of the elderlies said to me, “When we were young, we had so much around us to distract us. Our love always seemed to be so rushed… so incomplete. But now that we have only each other, this love, this companionship is all that matters.”

Check out Sujata’s adorable photographs of elders in love in the gallery below!

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