People Are Using This FaceApp Filter To Make Themselves Look Old (30 Pics)

julio 17, 2019

If there’s something that people on the internet seem to love, it has to be challenges. A while ago it was the 10 year challenge and now it’s the… 50 year challenge? However you want to call it, people are using FaceApp’s aging filter to make themselves and celebrities look old and the results are, well, pretty wrinkly.

From Keanu Reeves to Taylor Swift, check out the people aged by FaceApp’s aging filter in the gallery below! And if challenges are your thing, don’t forget to check out this “The Office” themed 10 Year Challenge here!


Image source: buzzfeed

Keanu Reeves


Image source: buzzfeed

Barack Obama


Image source: neannaneruss

Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, Jim Morrison and John Lennon


Ryan Gosling


Will Smith


Image source: zukathebesthusky


Lady Gaga


Image source: castlewoodtales

Eoin has aged so well


Image source: Time Machine

Elijah Wood


Image source: buzzfeed

The Rock


Image source: Its_Mike_Nasty

Went ahead and aged myself on FaceApp… It’s probably the most realistic I’ve seen so far. Kinda scares me a little


Taylor Swift


Image source: buzzfeed

John Legend


Image source: buzzfeed

Britney Spears


Image source: popbuzz

Justin Bieber


Image source: Time Machine

Natalie Portman


Image source: _radmir_87


Image source: popbuzz

Billie Eilish


Image source: dafbamaawards


Image source: warriorm93b


Image source: gymbez

Tried the face app old filter on my toddler. I don’t know whether to laugh or be terrified.


Image source: popbuzz

Selena Gomez


Image source: dayvox

Donald Trump


Image source:  Time Machine

Kristen Stewart


Image source: popbuzz

Shawn Mendes


Image source: victoria_d_g

Probably this will be me in 50 years.


Image source: buzzfeed

Demi Lovato


Image source: popbuzz

Brendon Urie


Image source: vincentmarcus

Vincent Marcus


Image source: suzanasuga

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