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julio 19, 2019

Have you ever gotten so hungry everything around you started looking like food? Don’t worry – you’re not alone. In fact, there’s a whole subreddit dedicated to inedible things that look awfully delicious and staring at rocks and mushrooms has never made us this hungry before.

From snakes that look like bananas to bugs that look like berries, you’ll want to take a bite out of all of these things, even if you know they’re inedible. Just be careful to not open a can of forbidden tuna by accident!

Check out the most mouth-watering inedible things in the gallery below!

#1 Forbidden Flour

Image source: CinnamonCoconuts

#2 Saw This Rock And Thought It Was A Cheesecake

Image source: QualityCucumber

#3 I Thought This Pine Cone Looked Like A Stack Of Pancakes, So I Made Some Butter Out Of Some Fallen Leaves

Image source: MountainTroll07

#4 Freshly Baked Baguette

Image source: dvntwnsnd

#5 Look At This Tiny Bunch Of Bananas

Image source: OperatingOnScientist

#6 Too Hot Outside. My Dog Turned Into A Rotisserie Chicken

Image source: elSeePea

#7 Delicious Sushi

Image source: aRealAmateur

#8 First Visit To Fuerteventura, Found This Beach Ten Mins Drive From Our Hotel. The Rocks Look Like Popcorn

Image source: alice_m100

#9 Forbidden Jelly Beans (Assorted Flavors)

Image source: Azbroolah

#10 Had To Stop My Wife From Drinking This Forbidden Orange Juice

Image source: TeaQueer

#11 Forbidden Ground Beef

Image source: lewisisgud

#12 Creamy Latte

Image source: Bqnaan

#13 Terra-Misu

Image source: wilde-cherry

#14 I Was At Work One Day When I Found This Clay In The Shelf… Forbidden Chocolate For A Kid

Image source: SatansBigSister

#15 I Can’t Believe These Are Rubber Bands, Not Pasta Noodles

Image source: Keanulaszlo

#16 The Cleaning Lady Took This From The Bathroom And Put It In The Fridge

Image source: pbull01

#17 Cursed Raspberry

Image source: Roflolmfao

#18 This Rock That Looks Like A Loaf Of Bread With A Bite Taken Out

Image source: mjdth

#19 Tree That Looks Like Bacon

Image source: Keeeebin

#20 Thought He Was Ice Cream For A Second There

Image source: Awportune

#21 Forbidden Ice Cream

Image source: keldit

#22 Weird Place To Leave A Slice Of Bread

Image source: SilverSideDown

#23 This Tree Looks Like A Giant Broccoli

Image source: Importer__Exporter

#24 These Cool Snow Swirls On Logs That Look Like Ice Cream

Image source: TheNewGuyNickD

#25 Forbidden Meat – Rhodochrosite Crystal

Image source: _LadyBlue_

#26 Forbidden Avacados

Image source: Kommisar_Karlitos

#27 The Snow On This Patio Table Looks Like A Pastry Pie

Image source: dosoc

#28 Forbidden Soup

Image source: Mr_Malvic

#29 Forbidden Pineapple On A Pavement

Image source: hankdiggles

#30 Snow In Capracotta (Italy) Looks Like Whipped Cream

Image source: Duxuev

#31 Mmm… Forest Caramels

Image source: Ostrantula

#32 Forbidden Sushi

Image source: SeeYouAgainIReply

#33 Not Sure What’s That, But It Definitely Look Like Eggs

Image source: Gabriel-Madrid

#34 This Dog’s Leg Looks Like A Cheeto

Image source: TheKrs1

#35 Forbidden Beer

Image source: LargeMeatball

#36 Forbidden Mints

Image source: lesserweevils

#37 Forbidden Ham

Image source: wearymalaise

#38 This White Wine Vinegar Gone Bad Looks Like Small American Pancakes Floating In Syrup

Image source: riesp

#39 The Inside Of A Tennis Ball Looks Delicious

Image source: yash_chem

#40 Plastic Shavings From A Hole Drill Actually Look A Lot Like Yellow Pasta

Image source: slundered

#41 Forbidden Donut On My Hike Today

Image source: Anemonean

#42 Forbidden Chocolate Bars

Image source: GermEEE

#43 Bathing In A Forbidden Pizza

Image source: ohhimarkymark

#44 I Give You The “Forbidden Shawarma”

Image source: Zekey3

#45 Forbidden Fettuccine

Image source: little_dumpling_SM

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