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julio 23, 2019

Some days are worse than others – and some are even worse. Maybe you missed your bus and had to walk a mile in the rain or forgotten your wallet at home and had to settle for a glass of water for lunch. However, no matter how bad your day seems, there’s always someone having it worse than you.

Have you ever had your face stung by a porcupine or found out cows were living in your newly-built home for the past few months? Suddenly forgetting your lunch at home doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

Check out the people who are probably having a worse day than you in the gallery below!

#1 He Saw A Squirrel And Dragged Me Through The Mud On My Ass

Image source: muyobi

#2 My Cat Couldn’t Get To His Litter Box Because The Toilet Door Was Forgotten Closed At Night, So He Spilt The Litter Bag Himself And Pooped On It

Image source: 8080x

#3 Some Musicians Just Aren’t Smooth

Image source: NerfGunCaleb

#4 Kids Playing With Fire Hose During Coast Guard Demo

Image source: Energylegs23

#5 Went To Open My Fridge. Definitely Thought My Hand Was Connected Properly

Image source: EatPrayNub

#6 This Big Guy And Three Of His Friends Got Into A Newly Built Montana House And Proceeded To Live There For A Month Before Being Found

Image source: SanchoLibre

#7 Their Flight Left 2 Hours Ago

Image source: czmax

#8 Crashed Car And A Parking Ticket

Image source: einarmani

#9 Stuck His Head In A Hole In A Tree To Take A Look, Guess What He Found

#10 Good Morning And Happy Valentine’s Day! Why Not Start Your Day Off With A Turmeric Smoothie?

Image source: katierobson4

#11 I Came In To Find My Tortoise Like This

Image source: Pigglepoo

Putting the clues together, it seems he pooped, got it stuck on his foot, ran in circles trying to get it off, and flipped over. Good job, buddy.

#12 Oh No

Image source: alfie_bond99

#13 Threw My Swatter At A Fly. Don’t Ask Questions Because I Don’t Have Answers

Image source: TheGreatBugle

#14 My Brand New Roomba Ran Over My Puppy’s Shit And Proceeded To “Clean” The Rest Of My Home

Image source: screamicide

#15 Put My Visor Down In The Side To Block The Sun

Image source: FlamingWarPig

#16 Your Day May Have Been Bad, But It’s Probably Not As Bad As ‘I Tipped Over A Satellite And It’ll Cost $135 Million To Fix’ Bad

Image source: NASA

#17 The F Fell Off My Ford Fiesta Flame. Now I Drive A Ford Fiesta Lame

Image source: Thechuz1337

#18 When Your Snickers Bar Taunts You

Image source: stackattack1000

#19 When The Snowplow ‘Nicks’ Your Car

Image source: starsofalgonquin

#20 Poor Megan

Image source: needmorexanax

#21 My Dad Bought A Soap From A Charity In 2016 And Only Today Opened The Box. Look What Was Inside! P.S. My Dad Is A Huge Football Fan

Image source: JPM33

#22 So Excited To Use My Pizza Cutter For The First Time

Image source: BCFire22

#23 Bet She’s Glad She Bought That Tire Cover

Image source: BakerFam

Driver was taken to the hospital as a precaution.

#24 Anyone Curious What Happened After That Guy Ripped His Pants At The Wedding. I’m His Wife

Image source: Draseph

#25 I’ve Been Using The Complimentary Towel At My Apartment’s Swimming Pool. Someone Just Told Me It’s A Towel For Wet Dogs

Image source: ShittingPretty

I just moved in to a new apartment complex and I’ve been using the new swimming pool and hot tub. I usually come straight from gym, so as a courtesy to others, I shower in this locker room before I use the pool. I keep forgetting to bring a towel so I quickly use one of these towels on the wall. Yesterday, a stranger saw me bathing and here and told me that this is actually a room meant for residents to give baths to their dogs, and that the shower I’m looking for is in a different locker room. As he tried to hold back laughter, he asked me what I thought this blue thing was for. I told him I thought it was for bathing babies. FML.

#26 Finally Gave In And Let My Daughter Get A Cat. Turns Out She’s Allergic

Image source: vampyrechic

#27 I Asked To Have It Edged Up So My Bangs Would Be Straight. Proceeded To Cut All My Bangs Off And My Entire Widows Peak. White Guy At A Black Barbershop Problems

Image source: jburna_dnm

#28 A Storm Came Through. The Plastic Furniture Barely Moved But The Grill Blew 30 Ft Into The Pool

Image source: sleepybuddha44

#29 Siberian Summer

Image source: anastasiagav

#30 In Colorado, Due To Rock Fall, A 20 Mile Stretch Of Highway Now Has A 238 Mile, 4,5 Hour Detour

Image source: kdpiette

#31 A Woman Put 1.5 Gallons Of Windshield Washer Liquid Instead Of Oil

Image source: kumahair

#32 So This Guy Paused A Video Of A Model He Wanted To Look Like And His Barber Mistook The Play Button Icon With His Desired Hairstyle And Shaved Triangles On Both Sides Of His Head

Image source: Tian Xiu Bot

#33 My Favorite Wedding Photo. I Got A Bubble In My Eye While We Were Leaving

Image source: companionmadie

#34 Life Must Be Hard For Him

Image source: hunterfisher21

#35 Whoever Threw A Sink Into My Car Last Night

Image source: friendlyyleg

#36 ATM Shut Down With My Card In It

Image source: ImagineHydras

#37 Trying To Even Out My Tan On My Lunch Break

Image source: philfromchico

#38 I Proposed To My GF This Weekend And Proceeded To Drop The Ring Down A Gopher Hole

Image source: MobyMadness

#39 My Roof Caved In Last Night


#40 The Door I Had To Get Through Last Night To Get To My Room

Image source: swimingle

#41 A Small Crash Revealed Just How Much Make Up She Had On

Image source: ggg12341234

#42 Cut My Finger While Opening A Package Of Band Aids

Image source: kiwisdotpng

#43 Damn

#44 Waited Almost 14 Years For This Moment, And Of Course I Missed It

Image source: NoshawnSmith

#45 Instagram vs. Reality

Image source: ViennaDoLL

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