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julio 22, 2019

Do you remember dreaming about flying cars and robo-butlers when you were a kid? You could have sworn all of those things will become reality in the future! Well, that future is finally here and instead of lightsabers and hoverboards, we have student debt and crowdfunded cancer treatments. Sounds kind of bleak, doesn’t it?

Sadly, this is the reality that we live in – the kind in which the rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer. After all, in what dystopian society would getting an Uber to deliver you to the emergency room be cheaper than calling an actual ambulance? Well, in ours, apparently. As sad as all of this sounds, it doesn’t mean we should settle for this kind of inequality – and the first step is realizing what the problem is. Check out the pics that perfectly sum up everything that’s wrong with today’s society in the gallery below!

#1 Immigrants

Image source: DansMonArbre

#2 This Is Caleb. Caleb Has A Degree In Zoology And Asks His Customers What Their Favorite Animal Is. He Gives Them Facts While Completing Their Orders!

Image source: JendolsWRGaming

#3 Real Problem

Image source: Canabinoid

#4 Charity

Image source: JAFD74

#5 Put The Blame Where It Belongs

Image source: RelevantSwimmer

#6 A Child Can’t Stay On The Transplant List, Solely Because He’s Homeless

Image source: livfenty

#7 Calling An Ambulance In USA

Image source: thetrudz

#8 Stealing An Education

Image source: TalbertSwan

#9 I Had To Pay $39.35 To Hold My Baby After He Was Born

Image source: halfthrottle

#10 Need Books? Donate Plasma!

Image source: ContraMuffin

#11 Anything Different Would Simply Be Un-American

Image source: Tacoking

#12 Health Care

Image source: Lons

#13 Public Relations

Image source: JordanUhl

#14 Only In America Would A Restaurant Display On The Wall That They Don’t Pay Their Staff Enough To Live On

Image source: M7plusoneequalsm8

#15 Watch This Advert Or Choke To Death

Image source: StephenMerchant

#16 Remember The Panama Papers?

Image source: ColsBols

#17 “Today My Client Was Excited To Push The Elevator Buttons On The Way To Her First Deportation Hearing”

Image source: LivingRaccoon

#18 Capitalism In A Nutshell

Image source: zechareyah

#19 I Don’t Like This Episode Of Black Mirror

Image source: nokia621

#20 Both Are In The Wrong But Look At How The Pictures Are Depicted

Image source: Choreutic

#21 Good Article. No Surprises. “It’s Not About Wanting A Pay Raise Or Extra Income, It’s Just About Wanting A Livable Wage”

Image source: twentysixdoubleO

#22 Not A Bad Plan

Image source: heyspacequeen

#23 It’s All About Priorities

Image source: iamgulshansingh

#24 Bathroom Sticker

Image source: Xineasaurus

#25 Teeth Are A Luxury Only Paying Customers Are Allowed

Image source: ItsDanSheehan

#26 Ambulances For 3k? Lets Just Call An Uber

Image source: deray

#27 Positive News

Image source: worldbankhater

#28 This Is How Expensive It Is To Attempt Suicide In The US

Image source: alcumist

#29 Open Office

Image source: sweis

#30 This Feels Straight Out Of 1984…

Image source: NeverwuzBoi

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