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junio 21, 2019

These clever product designs tackle problems you might never even thought existed. From treating trash as a currency to pay for your subway ticket to putting a ‘winter chamber’ inside the shop to test out cold-weather gear before buying.

You’re about to witness how only a slight change in perspective on the things we take for granted, can separate the casual from genius, and how even the smallest tweaks can make all the difference.

(h/t: mymodernmet, boredpanda)

#1 Beijing Subway Allows Riders To Pay With Plastic Bottles

Image source: oceangreatideas.com

#2 My Son’s Homework Has A Barcode That When Scanned Takes Him To An Instructional Youtube Video Posted By His Teacher Related To The Lesson

Image source: nameihate

#3 This Chair Has A Purse/Bag Holder

Image source: crazycatchick

#4 This Store Lets Customers Choose Whether They Want To Be Bothered By The Staff

Image source: hand_

#5 My Avocado Has A Color Chart On The Sticker, So You Know When It’s Ripe

Image source: q0__0p

#6 My Local Dentist Has A Ceiling “Where’s Wally?” To Keep Patients Entertained During Appointments

Image source: mtmannion

#7 Open And Close Sign Board

Image source: Jason Chen

#8 This Store Has A Winter Simulator For Testing Out Winter Clothing

Image source: j1ggy

#9 Rotating Bench Keeps The Seat Dry After Rain

Image source: yankodesign.com

#10 This Bin That Lets You Vote For Things With Cigarette Butts In Edinburgh

Image source: Seth_Leaveon

#11 This Elevator Has Buttons You Can Press With Your Feet If Your Hands Are Full

Image source: WharFalcon

#12 This Library Has Dozens Of Different Cake Pans To Borrow

Image source: flannelpancakes

#13 Pet Relief Station At The Airport

Image source: twotea

#14 This First Grade Classroom Has Desks With Pedals So Kids Can Move While Learning

Image source: LurkerMcLurkerton

#15 This Car Won’t Let Me Listen To Music Unless I Put My Seatbelt On

Image source: Leavemymarc

#16 This Drinking Fountain Has A Catch For Dogs

Image source: Somethingclever13

#17 This Highlighter Has A Clear Part To Show You What You’re Highlighting

Image source: chillin_krillin

#18 My Friend Has An Exit Ramp For Frogs To Get Out Of His Pool

Image source: Hunt16er

#19 This Toilet Paper Has A Smaller Roll Inside That You Can Take On The Go

Image source: BrndyAlxndr

#20 This Tie Is Made With A Microfiber Lining So You Can Clean Your Phone Screen

Image source: djpolymath

#21 This Bikers Jacket Has Signal And Brake Lights

Image source: joat217

#22 This Vending Machine Gives Your Money Back If Your Item Does Not Drop

Image source: qwerty466

#23 This Sign Moves The “N” When They Are Closed

Image source: ChiefdaPhaser

#24 This School Has Skateboard Parking

Image source: BrokenInternets

#25 This Japanese Toilet Has A Privacy Button Which Plays Music So No One Can Hear You Use The Toilet

Image source: guppywastaken

#26 This Coffee Shop Uses Frozen Coffee Cubes For Iced Coffee

Image source: foreveradan

#27 Rental Car In Ireland Has Dashboard Sticker That Reflects In The Windshield To Remind You What Side Of The Road To Drive On

Image source: lambokid

#28 This Restaurant Sells Fries In Paper Cones – And The Tables Have Diamond Shaped Holes That Hold The Cones

Image source: _FooFighter_

#29 This Picnic Table Has Seating For Adults, A High Chair And A Kids Table All In One

Image source: FatTortoise

#30 In Seoul, The Gas Pumps Hang From The Roof, So It Doesn’t Matter Which Side Your Patrol Cap Is

Image source: imgur.com

#31 This Supermarket Has A Place To Put Stuff If You Change Your Mind

Image source: tdes

#32 This Toilet At A Dutch Supermarket Lets You Test The Brands Of Toilet Paper They Sell

Image source: shishdem

#33 This ATM Lets You Pick What Bills You Want

Image source: the_next_cheesus

#34 This Shower Has A Thermometer For The Water

Image source: huskers17

#35 This Thrash Can Has A Bottle Rack So People Don’t Have To Dig Through The Garbage To Find Some Bottles And Cans

Image source: TwoSchoolFourCool

#36 A Hotel Offers Makeup Towels That Won’t Show All The Smudges

Image source: DasAdam

#37 This Dressing Room Lets You Control What Type Of Light Is In The Room

Image source: ellesapple

#38 This Restaurant Labels Their Brownies Based On What Part Of The Pan It Was Baked On

Image source: longboarder116

#39 My Supermarket Lets You Have A Snack While You Shop For A 25 Cent Deposit

Image source: crumbbelly

#40 Preschool In Japan Collects Rainwater Into Puddles For Kids To Play In

Image source: Youji No Shiro

#41 At This Restaurant You Can Buy A Six Pack For The Kitchen Crew

Image source: GreatestOfAllTime96

#42 My Hotel Phone Has A Number For Bedtime Stories

Image source: ToxicSteve13

#43 My College Has A Vending Machine For Violin Strings And Woodwind Reeds

Image source: Future2050

#44 A Local Bar Has An Area Where You Can Rent A Locker To Store Your Phone While It Charges

Image source: westcoast_eastsider

#45 This Cafe Has A Credit Card Tip Jar

Image source: McBloggenstein

#46 This Japanese Pack Of Gum Comes With A Set Of Post-It-Note-Like Papers To Throw Gum Away In

Image source: Charlzalan

#47 This Pen Says How Many Pages It Has Left

Image source: interoth

#48 This Coffee Shop Shows The Differences Between Coffee Drink Types

Image source: mister86japan

#49 This Notebook Has A Hole Cut In The Paper For Your Pen

Image source: zack_the_man

#50 This Flash Drive Has A Capacity Meter

Image source: blueapplepiedude

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