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junio 07, 2019

There’s more to beaches than just sun, sand and the sea, you just have to get creative. Maybe build a cool sand castle or find a rock that kind of looks like a face – the possibilities are endless! And on some occasions, you don’t even have to try, just enjoy the sun and have your camera ready – you never know what crazy stuff you’ll stumble into while chilling at the beach.

From creative sand sculptures to sinking trucks, check out the most interesting things people found on beaches in the gallery below!

#1 Her Name Is Argiro And She Likes To Dry Up On This Chair That The Locals Saved For Her

Image source: vivienne178

#2 There! Instead Of A Stupid Castle

Image source: yudoit

#3 My Lady Friend Wanted A Piggy Back Picture On The Beach And A Random Biker Watching The Sunset Said He Wanted One Too

Image source: sizertl

#4 This Sign On A Beach In Lithuania

Image source: mrthordavis

#5 How To Use Sand To Freak People Out

Image source: jdk

#6 Mount Ruffmore

Image source: slytherinyourazkaban

#7 How Girls Take Pictures At The Beach

Image source: Mandylost

#8 When Your Beach Towel Is From Costco

Image source: JiveMonkey

#9 A Radical Concept. Bali 2017

Image source: RajBandar

#10 We Took My Cat To The Beach And There Happened To Be A Professional Dancer Having A Photo Shoot

Image source: sollysocksify

Obviously this happened because Buns’ day wasn’t confusing enough.

#11 Saw This Guy On The Beach. He Said His Grandkids Bought Him This Shirt

Image source: mhinkleberry

#12 I Was Stood Taking A Photo Of My Girlfriend In The Sea, Then Realised So Was Every Other Instagram Boyfriend

Image source: Lewy-G

#13 You Have To Stay 10′ Feet Away From The Wild Ponies On Assateague, Even If They Steal Your Spot

Image source: poop_artist

#14 This Perfect “Story In Three Panels” Of My Cousin

Image source: All-Seeing_Elon

#15 Just A Pic That My Friend Took Down At The Beach The Other Day

Image source: sophielola_

#16 E Is For Existential Crisis

Image source: czarcaztic

#17 My Mom Stumbled Into This Drug Dealer While In Jamaica

Image source: hotdogfinatic

#18 My Boyfriend Decided To Take My Dog To The Beach Today For Some “Quality” Time Together

Image source: AlexandraTheGr347

#19 So I Went To The Beach And Saw This

#20 Creative Sprite Ad, Creepy Chair Guy

#21 Mr. Crab’s First Dollar

Image source: capecoddaveb

#22 I Feel Like I Just Missed A Miracle On The Beach

Image source: Auginer

#23 I Found A Door (And Nothing Else) On An Abandoned Beach

Image source: elastizitat

#24 Just Bro Things

Image source: MattCloudy

#25 Finally An Answer To The Age Old Question “Do Raccoons On A Beach In Panama City, Feel Like Fritos?”

Image source: CoolStick

#26 Visual Representation Of Why Women Live Longer Than Men

#27 This Man At The Beach Has A Tiny Deck Chair To Rest His Head

Image source: oldelpaso91

#28 That’s One Patient Dog

Image source: GallowBoob

#29 Dodge Tried To Shoot A Commercial For A $60,000 Truck At My Local Beach

Image source: markesmongu

#30 Taking Too Long To Take A Photo Of Her Food On The Beach

Image source: Arbayest

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