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junio 06, 2019

You probably have at least a few unflattering childhood photos – but do you have any six looking like fifty-six kind of unflattering photos? If you answered yes, we’ve got good news – you’re not the only one. And if you answered no, we have even better news – you’re about to laugh out loud.

People are sharing their awkward childhood pictures where they look years older than they really are – and they’re both hilarious and adorable! What’s not to love about a tiny middle-aged man who’s still in kindergarten or a receptionist who’s still in 4th grade?

Check out the hilarious childhood pictures where kids look like adults in the gallery below!

#1 My Friend’s Baby Pictures Look Like Mrs. Doubtfire

Image source: elpintogrande

#2 When It’s Your First Day Of Kindergarten And Also Your First Day As Head Of The PTA

Image source: DragonfireEsq

#3 I Looked Like A Middle Aged Man When I Was A Child

Image source: Strid3r21

#4 When You Look Over 40 But You’re Actually 12

Image source: ThatSquareChick

#5 Yeah, So I Heard My Best Friend Was Made Into A Meme Called The 60-Year-Old Girl

Image source: kevonicus

#6 I Looked 70 When I Was 13

Image source: PossibleSnail

#7 Give Me The Sassy Grandma Look

Image source: dumbolddoor

#8 My Wife Was A 40-Year-Old Receptionist In 4th Grade

Image source: skelliousmaximus

#9 This Is Why I Never Had A Girlfriend In High School. I Looked 35 When I Was 14

Image source: pachewychomp

#10 I Was Born In 1981, But Turned 55 In 1992

Image source: caahtatonic

#11 Glamour Shot Blunder (7-Years-Old)

Image source: denovosibi

#12 My Friend’s Yearbook Picture From 2nd Grade. Apparently She Used To Be A Lesbian Art Teacher

Image source: mojoso

#13 I Looked Like An Old Jewish Man In 9th Grade

Image source: Mymajesticmoose

#14 The Blunder Brothers, Circa 1994. I’m In Purple

Image source: dame_condor

#15 First Day Of High School, I Was Apparently Going For The 70-Year-Old Man Look

Image source: shrewlad_

#16 At Age 10 I Looked Like I Was Ready To Give Up And Change My Name To Linda

Image source: dutchessmurderteeth

#17 6th Grade Going On 60

Image source: RICHB0YWINST0N

#18 That Time I Went To My High School Prom And Looked Like A 45-Year-Old Woman

Image source: Clairdassian

#19 Blundering Through 2nd Grade

Image source: astronomydomone

#20 A Friend Of Mine Gave Me Permission To Post This Gem. Circa Early 90s

Image source: Sgt_Pepsi

#21 After The Seventh Child My Mom Decided It’s Just Easier To Dress Me In Her Own Clothes

Image source: Jeborisboi

#22 1981. I Thought I Was The **** In My Band Uniform And Permed Hair, And Weighing All Of 90 Pounds (With The Cymbals)

Image source: Daftpool

#23 I Too Was Born In 1981. I Present To You, The Butch Soccer Mom (I’m A Guy)

Image source: ohlaph

#24 A Friend’s 6th Grade Picture. Not Her Grandmother

Image source: thenewyorkgod

#25 My Friend Looked Like Elton John When He Was Younger

Image source: Rafa90

#26 I Was Dwight Schrute When I Was 15

Image source: statix138

#27 I Was In 2nd Grade. I Look Like I Am 50

Image source: raperil009

#28 My Sister’s Glamour Shot: Age 4

Image source: Elatedonion

#29 No Front Teeth, Mom As A Stylist

#30 Band Geek, 1987

Image source: ahydell

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