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mayo 14, 2019

Looking at photos of Instagram influencers, it’s easy to get jealous – all of them seem to have perfect skin, perfect bodies and perfect hair while you’re stuck with a pimple in the middle of your forehead and a messy lock of hair that just won’t stay down no matter what. The strive to look as perfect as them can even lead to some serious self-esteem issues – but we have some good news for you. The models on Instagram don’t always look that perfect and the reality is often more bleak than they’d like to show.


Some of the ‘perfect’ pictures you see on Instagram couldn’t be further from reality

Image credits: lowkeykathyyyy

It’s all about the angle, lighting, make-up and, of course, Photoshop

Image credits: nokia621

However, not everyone is pretending to be what they are not on Instagram and some are pretty open about abut the effort they put into their pics, like Kim Britt, whose ‘Instagram Vs. Reality’ pics we featured recently.

One youtuber, Ethan Klein, even created a video exposing the fake models.

“I can’t get over the difference! Don’t believe what you see on Instagram folks,” says Ethan

Image credits: ohhithere21

The youtuber encourages people not to believe everything they see online and gives some hilarious examples – like the girl with the question mark-shaped hand below.

“Excuse me what…”

Image credits: runescape_girlfreind

“One for the boys out here. Magazines are just an illusion”

Image credits: Instagramreality

It’s no surprise that celebrities do this too. Most of their pictures are edited and in many cases, not even uploaded by the celebs themselves but rather by managers and advisors. In reality, most of them have natural imperfections, like pimples and wrinkles.

Image credits: Instagramreality

Image credits: Instagramreality

With edited celebrity pictures appearing in every magazine and all social media platforms, it’s easy to forget what’s real and what’s not. But don’t forget: even if they put countless hours into editing their pictures to perfection, they’re still ordinary humans with their own flaws and imperfections under all of that.

Image credits: seanceknowles

See the full video below!

Video credits: h3h3Productions

“A campaign photo for Good American. You’d expect Photoshop, but possibly at a more professional level”

Image credits: Imadadjoke

Image credits: tinysighs

Image credits: Instagramreality

“Lips fillers Insta vs Paparazzi”

Image credits: Instagramreality

“Coachella, the content farm”

Image credits: Instagramreality

“Instagrammers are ruining California’s super bloom”

Image credits: Instagramreality

“Kylie Jenner (same day on Instagram vs. on TV)”

Image credits: nokia621

Image credits: biccabong

Image credits: paklowpanda

“That moment when your eyebrow glitches through your hat”

Image credits: Eddy_Wapp_

“Body so hot the Colosseum and the fence gets distorted”

Image credits: RadAway-

“Melania Trump’s official White House portrait”

Image credits: nokia621

“Calf day was clearly not on the schedule”

Image credits: Hlokty10

Image credits: mykidzRbad

“Wait, are we ashamed of our hand lines now? Nobody told me? I’ve been showing them in public like a total chump!”

Image credits: coolMSNusername

“Who are these people”

Image credits: _cockgobblin_

“Makeup artist highlights what facetune really can do”

Image credits: savannah098

“Instagram vs. Youtube”

Image credits: LonelyFleur

“Make sure your friends are Photoshopping too”

Image credits: anonymousnosy

“I’m 29 and until I found this sub I thought the “no pore look” was just excellent makeup I feel silly now, but also relieved”

Image credits: lazerbrownies

“Instagram picture vs. interview two weeks apart”

Image credits: shane-jabroni

“Her own Instagram vs. Tagged photo… It was untagged real quick”

Image credits: damnwhatanasshole

“Face lost 20 kgs?”

Image credits: kyliesuicidie

Image credits: mb333mb

Image credits: mdk15

“Instagram vs. Red carpet”

Image credits: RickSaw12

“I always was so jealous of her”

Image credits: hmlns

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