This Shanghai Cafe Is Serving Coffee With A Cotton Candy Cloud That Rains Sugar Into Your Cup

mayo 15, 2019

Ever since Instagram was created, people were taking pictures of their food – you may not like it but that’s just how it is. Food establishments acknowledge this fact and try to offer their customers meals that not only taste delicious but also look unique and aesthetically pleasing. And while some go a little too far with their ingenuity, others do it just right and manage to capture the balance between strange and intriguing – like this cafe in Shanghai that offers its clients coffee with a cotton candy cloud that rains sugar into your cup.

More info: Mellower Coffee | h/t

Mellower cafe in Shanghai is offering its customers an unseen way of enjoying coffee

Image credits: Daniel Food Diary

Even if you’re not a coffee lover, you have to agree that the concept is pretty magical and unique.

Image credit: magistrate

Mellower Coffee call this unique coffee “Sweet Little Rain”

Image credits: Daniel Food Diary

It instantly became a favorite of food bloggers and they say it not only looks good but tastes good too.

A cup of this coffee costs 58 RMB (about $9)

Image credits: Mellower Coffee

Although others who tried the coffee say it’s a little overhyped and drinking it is a mess.

It looks cool in pictures but many people commented it would be pretty messy to drink

Image credits: Miss Tam Chiak

And honestly, we think so too

Image credits: tsukoks

Image credits: ciderbasscigar

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