This Cat Is Hilariously Overreacting To Things And His Reactions Are Priceless

mayo 07, 2019

Ah Fei, whose name stands for ‘fat’ in Mandarin, is your regular old chunky rescue cat who loves food. However, what makes him stand out from all other cats is his hilarious reactions. Or should we say overreactions? Ah Fei’s owner Tang Chang started sharing the cat’s hilarious overreactions on Instagram and people instantly fell in love with this goofy feline!

Even though Ah Fei’s chubby appearance suggests otherwise, he’s actually a pretty active cat who loves exploring.

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Chang and his goofy cat live in Jiangsu, China and we bet their days together never get boring – after all, who would ever get tired of such a charismatic cat?

At first glance, one might thing Ah Fei is living in a constant state of terror! But don’t worry – we’re sure he’s just overreacting. Or maybe he’s just very ticklish?

Clearly, Ah Fei wasn’t impressed by this pig and pug’s “relationship”. Don’t be sad, chunky cat – we totally understand you.

“How dare you tease me like that! Look at me, I’m all skin and bones!” – probably what Ah Fei was thinking.

People online seem to love Ah Fei’s hilarious reactions so much, some even started creating hilarious fan art in his honor. We certainly look forward to more of this cat’s hilarious overreactions in the future!

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