This Artist Creates Inventions That Solve Non-Existing Problems (10 New Inventions)

mayo 23, 2019

By now, the name Matt Benedetto should probably ring a bell – he is constantly creating hilarious inventions that solve non-existing problems and it looks like his mind never sleeps. The same guy that brought you the AirSticks and the Hoverbrella is back again with a handful of new hilarious inventions.

From shoulder mounted turn signals to tiny construction helmets for your toes, this artist’s creativity looks to have no bounds. Check out Matt’s ridiculous inventions in the gallery below!

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The FlopFlips™️

Reverse your steps to ditch that stalker on the beach

These sandals feature a backwards sole to ensure all your footprints always appear to be traveling the opposite direction you are walking

The WhichWay™️

Say goodbye to the directional dance when meeting someone in your path

This harness easily slips on and places a turn signal on each of your shoulders to let on coming foot traffic which way you’re headed


It can be like a construction zone trying to get around your apartment barefoot without stubbing your toes on something

Equip your big toe with these pint sized hard hats to say goodbye to bruised toes and show that furniture leg who’s boss!

Slice Slicer™️

Everyone gets their own perfect pizza slice!

Divide your favorite pizza pie into perfectly even slices with just a few chops with this eight blade slicer. More pepperoni please!


Stop dropping your phone on that precious face of yours in bed! Suspend and dangle your phone hands-free just inches from your face to binge that new season on Netflix.

The NASA grade suction cup grips the back of your phone – while the Army ballistic paracord hangs all the way down from the ceiling.

OneCan TrashCan™️

Every rogue soda can, fallen solider beer, and all those LaCroix cans laying around the office have officially met their match

Pick up a six pack of these perfectly sized trash cans to always have a place to put your empties

The Smellmet™️

Did Karen bring fish for lunch again or maybe Chad has too much cologne on?

This odor blocking helmet conveniently spins a high powered fan around your head to dispel any foul smells

Taco Fraiche™️

Exfoliate with the zest of Cinco de Mayo year round with with exhilarating spray mist

With hint of authentic seasoning, cilantro, red onions, and tomatoes, you can turn any food into a taco delight or exfoliate your senses with a light facial mist awakening

TP Pleaser™️ Are you tired of the toilet paper roll never being the RIGHT way?! This dual toilet paper holder quickly flips around and snaps into place using magnets to ensure the toilet paper roll is always falling the way you think it’s supposed to

The ReadyNapper™️

There really is never a bad time to take a nap. Be ready 24/7 to grab a quick recharging power nap

There really is never a bad time to take a nap. Be ready 24/7 to grab a quick recharging power nap

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