Tesla Model 3 Owners Are Complaining About A Design Flaw Making Water Pour Into Their Trunks After Rain http://bit.ly/2HsTv4v

mayo 15, 2019

Elon Musk’s Tesla, Inc. has to be one of the most innovative companies to ever exist – their line of Tesla electric cars are not only environmentally friendly but also feature all sorts of latest technology, like the ability to drive unassisted. However, even such high-tech cars don’t come without their own design flaws. Just recently one Youtube user uploaded a video of his Tesla Model 3 after the rain and showed how one simple design mistake can cause a major inconvenience.

More info: Bjørn Nyland | Tesla Twitter | Tesla | h/t

This Tesla Model 3 owner showed an annoying design flaw in their car

Image credits: Bjørn Nyland

The video, uploaded by Bjørn Nyland, was watched over half a million times and people are already roasting Tesla in the comments.

Looks like the designers didn’t really think about rainy conditions

Image credits: Bjørn Nyland

Turns out the shape of the trunk is perfect for letting rainwater pour into the trunk after being opened. And while this might not be a big deal for Californians, it’s a pretty serious design flaw for people living where it rains often.

The video shows Bjørn’s things getting soaked after he opens the trunk

Image credits: Bjørn Nyland

Even though it looks hilarious, it’s only funny until it happens to you.

See the video for yourself below

Image credits: Bjørn Nyland

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