Someone Noticed A Starbucks Cup In The Latest Episode Of Game Of Thrones And The Fans Are Losing It

mayo 07, 2019

Game of Thrones is a show known for its elaborate battle scenes and complicated relationships, so imagine the fans’ surprise when they noticed something out of the ordinary in one of the scenes of the latest episode “The Last of the Starks” – a rogue Starbucks coffee cup.

It sounds almost impossible how the crew managed to miss the cup placed in plain sight, right in front of actress Emilia Clarke and some fans even joked that it was left intentionally. Or perhaps there’s a medieval Starbucks in Westeros we don’t know about?


Someone noticed something odd in the latest episode of Game of Thrones

Image credits: HBO

Sitting right in front of actress Emilia Clarke was a Starbucks coffee cup

Image credits: HBO

Seems kind of too obvious to miss, right? Well, apparently not

Image credits: HBO

But who knows, maybe Westeros has a Starbucks we never heard about?

Image credits: HBO

The new Game of Thrones season has already stirred up quite a buzz with some fans calling it the worst season yet, blaming it on poor writing. So it was no surprise that for many dissatisfied fans this was another nail in the coffin.

It all started after a fan posted this picture on Twitter

Image credits: NehalMahran

Some people couldn’t believe it at first

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But then others started posting their own screenshots of the episode

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Some fans were shocked while others seemed to find it hilarious

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Imagine how Daenerys’ order should have sounded – it probably took a while to write it all down

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After a while, HBO announced that the coffee cup left on Daenerys’ table was an accident

Image credits: Game of Thrones

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