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mayo 01, 2019

Stock photos are made to be sold but it’s impossible to think anyone would buy these.
From a grandma teaching a group of blond children the secrets of “stab between the fingers” to a female version of Adolf Hitler peeling potatoes, the photographers behind these shots were probably trying a bit too hard. Don’t get us wrong, we do appreciate all the work that went into producing these pictures. We just think that each of them should have an in-depth description, explaining what is going on in these photos.

Scroll down to see this weird collection of stock photos yourself!  (h/t)

#1 Grandma Teaches Blond Children Important Life Lessons

Image source: mrbenmarko

#2 Guy Reaches Through Computer Screen And Types Backwards While A Surprised Cat Looks Off Into The Distance

Image source: SiomarTehBeefalo

#3 “A Centaur Has Met The Wrong Half. He Was Very Puzzled.”

Image source: HugeHam

#4 Cat With A Bouquet At The Feet Of Mistress

Image source: kiwidesign

#5 Woman Throwing Spaghetti In A Forest

Image source: neuroticneutral

#6 This Proposal

Image source: Quaff_Bepis

#7 Excuse Me Miss, But That’s My D You’re Sitting On

Image source: SonOfTheBlueMeanie

#8 Umm, Yeah, I Think We Found The Murderer

Image source: BunnyAdorbs

#9 “Hey Lady, Your Computer Isn’t Even Switched On”

Image source: dhrxv

#10 This Boy Installing The Newest Piece Of Software

Image source:  TeoTheBeast

#11 Cat Snake Cooking A Magical Potion

Image source: ShutterCount

#12 Should I Call The Ambulance Already? (Notice The Hand)

Image source: shutterstock

#13 Hitler With Potatoes And A Picnic Blanket Looking Dress

Image source: SaraBellum42

#14 No Potatoes While I’m Working Please

Image source: sweatytumorz

#15 Need To Get Home Before The Storm, But I’m Hitting All The Cat Lights

Image source: treastroll

#16 Male Human Holds His Blobfish

Image source: zhaiiiix

#17 I Searched For “A Large Bird” On Google And Was Not Disappointed

Image source: Hackerwithalacker

#18 Lol Stop Struggling And Let Me Stab U

Image source: shutterstock

#19 Drinking And Driving Taken To A Whole New Level

Image source: Gaberiallo

#20 “Hacker” Stockphotos Are The Best

Image source: Aelaan_Bluewood

#21 Catanic Featuring Leornado Dicatrio And Cate Winslet

Image source: Chengers

#22 Goodbye You Slimey Freak

Image source: sexytai

#23 How To Keep Your Kids Safe On The Internet

Image source: Nevraoj

#24 Memory Loss Is More Painful Than You Might Think

Image source: KarlKlngOfDucks

#25 Real Art

Image source: santas__boobs

#26 She’s Just A Little Moody, Now Get The F*cking Pickles

Image source: Your_Moms_Flame

#27 Just Taking A Bath

Image source: Saltefanden

#28 Child Breaks The Fourth Dimension And Creates A Loophole, Sending His Legs Into A Different Dimension And Breaking His Back, All While Laughing About It.

Image source: SeniorHippopotamus

#29 Woman Tackling A Mugger Who Forgets He Has Two Hands

Image source: andhelostthem

#30 African American Snake At Job Interview

Image source: Do_You_Even_KEK_Bro

#31 Old Man Uses Toilet Paper As Binoculars

Image source: Scar20Grotto

#32 Asian Woman Spits On A Cock

Image source: Lukekul

#33 Sad Man No Stop Oil

Image source: Your_Moms_Flame

#34 Dead Chickens Dancing On Earth

Image source: Thestickman391

#35 Bald Man Chisels His Way Into Your Privacy

Image source: Magnum_Dongs3

#36 This Is A Search Result For “Evolution” – Pretty Much Sums It Up

Image source: edgar01600

#37 Doctor Has A Special Advice For You

Image source: ThisNameIsSo0riginal

#38 A Young Boy Trying To Kill Himself With A Barcode Scanner

Image source: Franeg

#39 A Man Stands With Two Gourds In Hand, Wearing Nothing But A Speedo

Image source: Your_Moms_Flame

#40 Man With A Cake As A Pillow

#41 Man Has Relax Time Inside Of Washing Machine

Image source: shutterstock

#42 Potassium Just Goes Right Through Me

Image source: CaptainSylus

#43 “Lemme Help You Out With That!”

Image source: _Xantium

#44 Man Photoshopped Onto Egg

Image source: hoklord

#45 This

Image source: kahotheupvoter

#46 Man In Awe Of Some Guy Peeing

Image source: bondbeansbond

#47 The Unconventional Birth Of A Pineapple

Image source: The_Confused_Indian

#48 If You Rub This Potato On Your Skin, You’ll Live Forever!

Image source: sweatytumorz

#49 What We Need Is A Picture Of A Blindfolded Woman In Lingerie Holding A Pomegranate With A Octopus On It. Oh And Could You Set Up A Mirror In The Corner Showing Another Woman Sulking? Perfect. Thanks

Image source: bosscher47

#50 Bare Chested Man With Tattoos, Wearing Butterfly Wings

Image source: TheOwlducken

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