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mayo 06, 2019

Even though it’s cool to look at mind-bending optical illusions, it’s nothing compared to actually shooting one in real life on your own. These people managed to capture the most mind-blowing shots, and we’re sure, that this list, compiled by Bored Panda, will surely make you look twice.

From a lake that looks like an entrance to heaven to gigantic pigeons, these photos will definitely put your logic to the test! Scroll down to see these unique shots yourself!


#1 View Of My Parents’ Backyard This Morning

Image source: whackmo

#2 This Huge Concert Crowd Is Actually A Cotton Picker At Night

Image source: Scaulbylausis

#3 Pic Of Two Plump Pigeons Perched On The Ledge But Ended Up Getting A Picture Of Two Massive Pigeons Looking For Their Car

Image source: TastyTalk

#4 Frost Of The Roof Of My Car This Morning Looks A Bit Like A View Of The Earth From Space

Image source: vmos

#5 My Dogs Appear To Have Merged This Morning

Image source: NegativePitch

#6 The Snow Slowly Melting On The Front Porch Looks Like An Ice Tornado

Image source: -sUBzERoo-

#7 Long Dog With A Section Missing

Image source: esquonk

#8 When The Sun Is Directly Overhead In Hawaii, It Looks Like A Bad Video Game Render

Image source: mike_pants

#9 These Espresso Martinis Look Like Bar Stools

Image source: madcaplarks

#10 Mirage Of Coffee Shop Window Makes It Look Like This Car Sells Pies Out Of The Boot

Image source: Flynnbojangels

#11 This Photo From Inside A Tent Looks Like Photoshop F*ckery

Image source: Ingelo8Jean

#12 For The Past 10 Minutes I’ve Been Trying To Explain To My Sister-In-Law That It Looks Like Her Legs Are Over Her Husbands Shoulders… She Doesn’t See It

Image source: camhanson

#13 This Tree Looks Like Straight Up Broccoli

Image source: Bdogg242

#14 I Took A Picture Of A Monkey And The Glare Made It Look Like It Was Taking A Wicked Selfie

Image source: emily-dawn

#15 The Reflection Of The Lamp Gives My Glasses Eyeballs

Image source: 2mamas

#16 The Way The Sunlight Hits These Leaves And Makes Them Look Like They’re On Fire

Image source: ImaginingAlchemist

#17 Found This Bike The Other Day And It Confused Me About Our Reality. Is It Broken Or Not Broken?

Image source: remin

#18 They Look Like Tiny Men Training In The Pool

Image source: runhaterand

#19 Sunset Reflection Looks Like Demonic Uprising

Image source: PeteLX

#20 Caught The Reflection Of The Light In The Window, Looks Like It’s Floating In The Sky!

Image source: robyncracknell3

#21 When My Buddy’s Dog Leaps Over Grates Her Body And Legs Disappear And It Looks Like A Dog’s Head Is Just Floating Down The Street

Image source: infinite_burrito

#22 This Hurts My Brain…

Image source: Blood_Reaper

#23 My New Profile Pic, Compliments Of Hurricane Sandy

Image source: Nirnroot

#24 Example Of A Mirage Known As Fata Morgana. It’s Believed That This Optical Illusion Is What Give Birth To The Myth Of The Flying Dutchman

Image source: Ayy_2_Brute

#25 Can You Imagine Walking Into Your Bedroom Only To Find That A Black Hole Had Appeared In The Middle Of Your Bed

Image source: woodgie2

#26 My Fiance Took This Pic That Makes The Cat Look Like He’s Made Out Of A Head And Just One Massive Arm

Image source: redditdadssuck

#27 This Picture Makes It Look Like I’m Holding A Decapitated Camel Head

Image source: Mecha_Hitler_

#28 My Sister Looks Like A Female Centaur

Image source: Penguinjetski

#29 This Pattern Makes It Look Like The Floor Suddenly Drops Off

Image source: starlinguk

#30 Lightning Struck Right When This Guy Went To Take A Picture Of A Storm, Causing This Neat Illusion

Image source: karazykid

#31 The Shadows Of These Windows Make An Optical Illusion

Image source: Mouse_fighter

#32 Perfectly Aligned Kite

Image source: bijoubear

#33 Amazing Icelandic River Almost Looks Like An Optical Illusion

Image source: LazarGuitrWulvz

#34 Our Two Cats Look Like They Were Cross-Stitched Onto The Carrier

Image source: Bombingofdresden

#35 Accidental Optical Illusion: Cruise Ship At Coal Harbor

Image source: quanticnick

#36 My Friend Had A Bug On His Windshield That Made Him Look Like A Godzilla Monster

Image source: HooptyDooDooMeister

#37 Ships That Seem To Float In The Air

Image source: bart59

#38 When I Take Pictures Of My Blind Dog W/ The Flash On It Looks Like There Is Fire In Her Eyes

Image source: jaymieo

#39 This Piece Of Lint On My Window Sill Looks Like A Gun Wielding Soldier Wading Through Water

Image source: digitalash

#40 I Took A Picture Of This Puddle In Geysir National Park In Iceland, And It Looks Like An Aerial View Of A Beach

Image source: BrandonHarwood

#41 A Picture I Took At The Airport A Few Days Ago, It Looks Really Scifi-Ish, Like A Battlestar Galactica Spaceport Or Something

Image source: jdobbs44

#42 Due To The Lighting, Angle And Mirrored Glass, This Building Looks Nearly Invisible

Image source: malgoya

#43 Corgi Jumps From Plane

Image source: umarhuzzy

#44 This Hotel’s Carpet And Lighting Combo Produce A Really Trippy Effect

Image source: TwineTime

#45 That Looks Like It Should Hurt

#46 This Man On A Carousel Looks Like He Has Pig Legs

Image source: Bigdog1135

#47 Are These Legs Shiny And Oily Or Are They Legs With White Paint On Them

Image source: kingkayden

#48 Former UK Prime Minister David Cameron Hovering

Image source: xenmate

#49 A Pallet Burned In Such A Way That It Looks Like Different Birds Sitting Next To Each Other And Enjoying The Fire

Image source: Bottlez21

#50 Making Cookies And The Reflection Looks Like A Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie

Image source: robije

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