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mayo 10, 2019

Have you ever found a cheap pair of designer shorts inside a sketchy shop in the dodgy part of town really cheap and though it’s a little too good to be true? Well, that’s probably because it is. And that’s why the logo says Adados instead of Adidas.

While we know that copying other brands is a pretty shady (and we’re sure pretty illegal) tactic, sometimes the people that copy them can get pretty creative. And we don’t just mean changing Nike to Nice. Check out the most creative and hilarious knock-off brands in the gallery below!


#1 Had To Do A Double Take

Image source: insoh2

#2 They’re Crappy, But Flattering

Image source: scorchednickel

#3 I Saw This Movie Once

Image source: shade_boogy

#4 Pikado’h!

Image source: yoshiz56

#5 Nothing Is Possible In China

Image source: kamehamehaa

#6 When Hollywood Steals Your Idea

Image source: Slavorum-official

#7 Found This In Vietnam. Beautiful

Image source: Knotimpressed

#8 These Knockoff Jordans Gave Michael A Great Ass

Image source: gangbangkang

#9 Why Get The North Face When You Can Get The Huge Mountain

Image source: guricosan

#10 Just Yelp For Help

Image source: eternalcinnamonroll

#11 I Love These

Image source: reddit.com

#12 Looks A Bit… Phoney Doesn’t It

Image source: arusub15cfop

#13 Found In Costa Rica

Image source: beautifulspork

#14 Finally, A Brand That Totally Represents My View Towards Life

Image source: BelvoxYBN

#15 I Choose You, Chikapu!

Image source: Sunflake685

#16 Another Great Find In China

Image source: A3eus

#17 Infinitiy War Is The Biggest Crossover Event In Histor-

Image source: fafabod

#18 The New Spinoff Sounds Delicious

Image source: throwawaymortyy

#19 Just Visited The New Mall That Opened Recently And Saw This Beauty

Image source: GoatyGoatyz

#20 Watch Out Microsoft, Michael Bindows Is Comming

Image source: Jylerne

#21 Aids

Image source: Subterfug3

#22 Would You Like A Oreo? Nah I’d Rather Have A

Image source: -Skykip-

#23 My Friend And I Died Laughing In The Store – Seen In Taiwan

Image source: ChemistryIsPunk

#24 Can’t Decide Where To Buy From

Image source: Crypticise

#25 Gender Equality Meets Retro Gaming

Image source: SpudsCuckley

#26 Trans Boy

Image source: NotWoolTyger

#27 I Found A Japanese Knockoff Of The Movie “It”

Image source: DrRowdybush

#28 Bazoongis

Image source: Beanbag_182

#29 Laundry

Image source: Berserkkiller

#30 “Winnie The Pooh” Blanket

Image source: yeramuggle

#31 My Favorite Crossover Movie

Image source: Dave_the_timekeeper

#32 I Present You The Pinnacle Of Shanghai Markets, A Hot Glue NY Yankees Hat

Image source: Gradians

#33 Don’t Know If This Is Crappy Or Clever Off Brand

Image source: Schlurpeeee

#34 This “Playstation Controller”

Image source: louismets

#35 My Little Terrified Pony

Image source: ClarityByHilarity

#36 Ordered This From A Chinese Company On Amazon And Thought You Would Like It

Image source: antikythera3301

#37 How Did They Get Away With That!

Image source: reddit.com

#38 Definitely A Legitimate, Actual Apple Location. Very Real

Image source: Airloc

#39 The King Of The Magic Rings

Image source: takum

#40 When Torpedoes Aren’t Enough

Image source: Jamesv1985

#41 Yea. It’s Garfield

Image source: NickReadr

#42 Does This Count?

Image source: della66

#43 Perfect Games Don’t Exi….

Image source: AttackMidgets420

#44 I Have No Idea Who They Were Trying To Copy

Image source: CurseForge

#45 Kia AirPods?

Image source: MsLamda

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